Monday, November 5, 2012

Saving Cash

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We’ve started trying to save money around here because my kids are now both in high school and boy do we need to get a college fund set up. I know it’s something we should have done years ago but you know, at that time we were more concerned about buying our first house or taking the girls to Disney and things like that, not a decade down the road. But the last thing I want is for my kids to graduate from college with mountains of student loan debt like so many of their peers are doing – that’s the worst way for them to start off a new life as adults if you ask me. We’ve taken some steps at home like looking into our energy bills so we can score some Dallas Electric Savings, we’ve been clipping coupons and now my girls know not to ask for new clothes because they’re not going to get it. We made a decision as a family that we weren’t going to take a vacation this year or next so we could put that money into a high yield savings account and you know, I think it’s working so far. My girls are already really responsible and they’ve both got waitressing jobs so they’re saving on their own, too, which is good. I know that when they’re done with college they’ll be thankful for all the sacrifices they’re making now to make for a better future. I really wish we had more to put away each month but you know, we’re doing what we can and every little bit is going to help. I know my girls say they want to work through college anyway and I think that’s a great idea – less time to goof off and get in trouble and more time spent studying and working hard! That’s the work ethic I know my girls have and I can’t wait to see what they make of themselves when they’re all grown up.

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