Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Sickness Be GONE!

So I'm a little irritated.  I had a counseling appointment in Kalamazoo on Monday.  I get there, and I hear her talking, and she sounds kind of strange.  I see the receptionist backing away from her and telling her to keep the pen she's using.  I'm like, OH great.

I ask her jokingly not to breathe on me.  Doug and Jacob have already gone; they drop me off and then run errands.  Kalamazoo isn't just around the corner from me...and my ride was gone, so I'm like, whatever.

She DID put on a mask for our session, but like that really did any good?  I mean, she had been in the little tiny room with no windows open all day long...  I should have just left.

And then voting last night...Oh my gosh. OH. MY. GOSH.  I was terrified.  The Township I live in probably has about 700 living beings, if you count the sheep.  Well, everyone showed up when I was there (except the sheep).  Talk about the unwashed masses.  EW!

I stood contemplating which little voting booth was the LEAST contaminated, and which was the worst.  The one I figured to be the worst (don't ask me how..) opens up just as it's my turn to go.  Thankfully, just as I was contemplating whether to just bolt out of the overcrowded room getting ready to step forward,  I hear, "Ma'am?  Ma'am?" 

I turn, and see an elderly woman glowing like an angel motion to me, and say, "There's a place in the back you can vote."  I point to myself, and I'm like, "Me?"

She's like, "Yes, last room on the right."  Well, it was the last room on the left, but whatever! (Some grumpy dude was in the last room on the right!)  So I got to sit at a little table, use a pencil that only 20 people had used instead of 200, and didn't have to be in a claustrophobic little booth where millions of germs had been breathed before....

She HAD to be an angel.  Why, at that time, after I had been standing in line for 25 minutes, had she done that?  ANSWERED PRAYER, that's what.

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