Monday, November 12, 2012


I am one tired girl.

Trying to get over being sick.

Went out shooting yesterday afternoon...It was awesome, but I'm paying for it.

Taking pictures and pictures and more pictures of allllllll the stuff we brought to the craft show, and back home again!

Set of 6 wine glass rings, sea shore motif $15.00
I've gotten all the wine glass ring sets, wine bottle ties, book marks, key fobs, and cell phone accessories posted. 

All that's left is a bunch of Pandora style stuff, and almost 150 pendants on chains.  Mmmmm-hm.  I said 150.  That's how many we had, and we sold maybe 5.
Cell phone lanyard and dust plug $5.00

Anyway, you can check out all the stuff I put on my facebook page by clicking HERE.

Total bust. 

Doing book reviews.

Have to catch up on my pen pals.

Have 2 CBI lessons to do.

Doug was off work today, so that was nice.

Have some jewelry orders to pack and ship out. YAY!!

Have to call the pharmacy yet to call in some refills.


AND of course last night I didn't fall asleep til 3:30 AM.  Today I think it will be more like 9:30!!

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