Friday, December 19, 2008

A Funny

Well first I have to say my eyes are driving me crazy!!! And I had to take my trach out THREE times last night because I just wasn't getting it set in perfectly. ARGH.

BUT. I was busy ALL day long, and I had energy ALL day long. I've been organizing my Creative Memories stuff with the influx of things from's like I had so much I was just getting overwhelmed and had no idea where to I spend most of the day separating stickers and putting them in little vinyl flappy things in a binder. (Yes, that is a technical term).

I also sorted all my paper by color, and then even more so by primary and secondary colors. (Okay, so the organizers out there (and the OCD folks) are salivating at my techniques, and the rest of you non-organizers are shaking your heads...maybe even scoffing!!) I was explaining this to Doug, and he got all sarcastic and eye-rolley (another technical term). It was then I realized maybe not everyone shared my love of organization.

Then after supper I made a double batch of cookies for my father-in-law! Oh, PLUS I cleaned my dining room and living room in the morning and washed a ginormous load of dishes! For me, for one day, that's AMAZING. Oh, AND I took a shower! Most of the time I could do maybe ONE of those things in a day. So even though my eyes are crossing, my energy is up for now!

Anywho. I read this in the Reader's Digest and it gave me a chuckle: (it's probably not word for word, but here goes:)

A new monk was asked to copy the old manuscripts. He noticed he was copying from a copy, not the original, and said something to an older monk. "If there is an error in the copy, I will copy the error and it will continue." The elder monk agreed that maybe he should go check for the original texts so they can be accurate.

As time goes on, the young monk starts to get concerned about the older monk, so he goes to check on him. As he approaches the transcript room, he hears wailing and sobbing from the older monk. He rushes in to hear the monk say, "It says CELEBRATE!!"

Hehehehe. Have a good weekend!

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Joanna said...

Bwhahaha!! That's awesome!!