Monday, December 22, 2008

I don't remember moving to Alaska!

My GOODness. I look out the window and see nothing but white. Oh, and a few dead brown branches here and there. We here in Michigan are wrapping up an official Blizzard! Whoo-hooo. Doug's talking about tying a rope from the hosue to the chicken coop like they did on LIttle House on the Prairie so he doesn't get lost. Or not.

I called my mom and dad in Florida last night to see if they were watching the weather... They sometimes keep up with what's going on up here. They had no clue...told me they were sitting in their shorts sipping iced tea. Well.

Then she said, "But it's going to be cold tomorrow!"

Me: Oh, like, 60?

Mom: Oh, no, like all the way down to 46 at night and only up to 58 during the day! And there's supposed to be a 20 mile an hour wind!

Me: Oh my GOSH! Not a 20 mile an hour wind! It's 30 BELOW with the windchill here. It's supposed to be a HIGH of FIFTEEN tomorrow.

Mom: Well, at least it's supposed to be sunny and blue sky here.

Me: Well thank God. Otherwise I would have feared for your safety!

But seriously...I'm glad they are there and we don't have to worry about them driving or walking in the snow and falling or anything. Dad's health isn't the greatest, and he does much better there.

Also, there was a horrible 100 car pile-up on I-94 last night that I'm sure most of you are aware of. Miraculously, there was only one fatality, but to that family, I don't think they feel the miracle. Please keep them in your prayers, this close to Christmas especially.

On a much lighter note, can someone please explain to me why people think a TINY car can get through 4 foot snowdrifts down the middle of a rural road that hasn't been plowed? Yup, right in front of our house. Our road was drifted shut, yet here comes this little car...."I think I can I think I can." I'm like, ya moron, NO YOU CAN'T! I don't get how people who live in Michigan seem to "forget" how to drive when we get the first huge snow. Come on people!!

Amazingly we have only had 2 slide-offs onto our property so far this year. Last year we had a total of 7. People come flying down our road and end up losing it, for whatever reason, on either side of our house. Maybe for my enjoyment, I don't know. (No one is ever hurt, unless you count pride).

Anywho. Stay safe, and stay warm!

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Joanna said...

What is up with people driving so stupid?? We keep this up and we aren't going any where until next year! (pout)