Thursday, December 11, 2008


So I had my first mammogram ever today. Mammo JAM I should say.

I do have to say I had it so ramped up in my head that I was expecting refrigerator-like door slamming action, and was pretty freaked out. really wasn't that bad! Honestly. It was uncomfortable, mostly because you have to hug this big piece of cold metal shoved into your armpit with one arm above your head rotated at a 112 degree angle backwards while holding your breath (which you probably don't realize, but it's all but impossible with a trach because everything just gooshes out the hole inyour neck!). And of course the germophobe in me is wondering who else's armpits have been shoved into the cold metal, and then I'm ready to puke and gag and pass out thinking of someone else's armpits touching the very thing MY armpits are jammed into at the moment. But thank the Lord I got through it and she didn't have to take anymore.

I understood the top view, but looking at this machine, when she said side view (or side slam, depending on your viewpoint) I'm thinking, what I've got to stand on my head? But the lovely machine tilted.

I'm sure everything is fine, it was just a baseline screening. Plus, I got a $10.00 gift card to Meijer because it was my first one ever. Sweet!

On another note (a sad, minor key, dissonent note) I found out I absolutely have to sign up for Medicare. Ug. My blank-ing insurance company is sick of paying my bills, so they did their homework, and found out that by law, since I receive disability, they can make me have Medicare as my primary insurance to even stay on theirs as a suppliment. SO...I will get to pay $97.00 a month for less coverage than I have now. PLUS, Doug and Jacob will go on a 2 person policy with Blue Cross, with supplimentary for me, which will cost more, and covers basically nothing for me except prescriptions. Which for me is huge because I have so many. It just makes me crazy that insurance companies have so much power. That's why we pay insurance people. So that when we need it, it's there.

OH, and if you're remotely healthy and don't have life insurance, GET IT NOW. Once you have anything wrong with you, you can't get any amount of coverage until you're over 45. Doug and I tried everything. We found one policy that I MIGHT have been approved for $20,000.00 of coverage at like $150.00 a month. Yah. I don't think so. Doug was in the best category health wise, so his was cheap. But seriously...if you don't have life insurance, I don't care how old you are, GET IT. Because once you think you may need it someday, it will be too late.

Off to the rheumatologist today; hopefully we will get some answers about the joint pain and get me off this prednisone. I'll keep you posted!

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