Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Well, we had our first official night of bad dreams last night. Jacob had a "dish" in his bed. That would be fish for you who don't speak 3-year old. I was actually downstairs at oh, 2:30 because my sugar was a little low, so I had a bowl of cereal. Jacob was screaming at the top of the stairs. This would be the third time. First time I got up, tucked him in, he didn't say much. Second time, Daddy got up, and Jacob told him the problem. Daddy tucked him in, and scooped the fish out of his bed.

So here he is screaming at the top of his lungs from the top of the steps. I told him to come down for a minute, so he did.

Me: What's the matter, baby?

Jacob: There's a dish in my bed.

Me: What kind of fish?

Jacob: I don't know, but it's not a good one!

Me: What do you mean it's not a good one?

Jacob: It's a shark I think! {continued wailing}

Me: I think you're just having a bad dream, sweetie. There's not really a shark in your bed.

Jacob: Yes, there is Mommy!!

Me: Okay, let's go back to bed.

We go back upstairs, and Jacob looks at me with those HUGE blue eyes, still all big and scared and glistening with freshly shed tears, and says, {sniff} "By Daddy?" I was like, done. So he climbed in bed between me and Daddy, and snuggled close and went to sleep. Doug didn't get a lot of sleep because Jacob tends to sleep sideways, and Doug always gets the feet end!

Even this morning, when we woke up, and when I told Jacob he would sleep in his bed tonight, he said, "But there's a shark in there!" So we went over to his bed with a flashlight, checked every nook and cranny, and found no shark. Hopefully that will work....Must. Have. Sleep.

And, as some of you have read on facebook, we've been losing chickens! I think 3 or 4 have died now. They've all been during the day. The first one we came home and it was over by the bunny cage missing a head. Nice. Then we found a chicken pecking at a dead one the next day. Doug shot 3 chickens that he thought were doing it. The next day, IN the pen, there was another dead one, and the next day one outside on the concrete. The chickens are all skittish now (Gee, ya think? They're either being shot at or dropping like flies!)

I don't think it's like possums or racoons or coyotes, because I would think they would eat the whole thing. Maybe weasels? I don't know. They don't come out of their pen much now...they kind of all huddle together. I don't think we have a cannabilistic chicken either, because they don't ostracize anyone, or run from certain chickens. Ug. The joy of livestock.


Young Wife said...

Sorry to hear about your chickens! I hope Jacob's bad dreams stop. Has he seen the Veggie Tales episode, "Where's God When I'm Scared?" That might help.

Joanna said...

Hey lady left you something on my blog.

Hope he slept in his own bed.