Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Waiting and waiting; Tips to stay healthy

Have you ever noticed that when you're waiting for something important time seems to just stand still? Ask any woman who has ever gone over her due date!

But seriously....It feels like I've been waiting to hear from the neurologist for a month now. It's been almost 48 hours. Doug was like, Honey, do you know what it's going to take to organize an MRI under sedated with a trach? I was like, oh, yah, I get your point. They have to get the machine, the radiologist, an ENT, the anesthesiologist, and my neuro will probably want to be there too. I'll probably have to stay overnight, so they'll need a room for me...

Then my darling husband gives me no less than FIVE Days in the next 4 weeks that he can't go. I was like, um, you said it you know what it takes to put this together??? So I e-mailed the neuro (AGAIN) and gave him the dates, but I was like, if it's one of those or like DECEMBER, book it and I'll figure something out. I'll see if my parents or one of my sisters can bring me and then Doug can come the next day. For those of you who have known me for a while, this is a HUGE deal...that I could seriously go with anyone but Doug, and not need anyone there overnight. I used to be so anxious that I couldn't even function without Doug. I'm much better now...but I still need my hubby!

I'm not going back to Ann Arbor this Friday. I am feeling okay MG-wise, and don't feel like dealing with the possibility of more stress. One thing about autoimmune diseases, and especially MG is that stress makes the sypmtoms 100 times worse. This will give you a laugh: when I was doing pretty badly the last couple of months, Dr. Teener's nurse said, "You just have to identify the stressors in your life and do whatever you can to avoid them."

Yah, I'll let that sink in a minute.

I have an unpredictable chronic illness that requires a 280 mile round trip every 3 weeks for needles to get stuck in me, a workaholic husband, a 3 year old whom I am homeschooling, 2 dogs, a huge farmhouse, chickens, ducks, 2 turkeys (which will be dinner shortly).....but I have to remove all stress from my life. I'm like, well, unless I move to a convent on the top of a mountain....

And then, add to all this (which I have to say I just knew was going to happen) Jacob got a cold. Some hideous germ from the disgusting rides at the freak show, I mean, County Fair. Exactly 2 days later...the snot starts running. Just like when we went to Binder Park Zoo. Exactly 2 days later and he had a high fever and spots....roseola. Okay, for those of you going, what's the big deal, kids get sick...well, it's not a big deal for HIM. It can be a big deal for ME. Besides dealing with a cranky little one who doesn't feel good, and doesn't sleep well, I have to NOT get his germs when we're in each other's faces all the time.

But, I told Doug I am NOT getting sick. I will just keep saying that over and over. I will NOT get this. I think sometimes it's a kiddie virus anyway, maybe one that I've had already in my life. I used to get colds all the time, but since I've had to be the germ police, it's been a lot better. It is amazing what you can avoid getting if you're just super careful. People may stare and think I'm an idiot, but whatever....I'll live! Here are some of my tricks:

1. Always, always, ALWAYS wipe off the shopping cart you use. You can actually get hepatitis from a shopping cart. I gross is that?

2. Wipe down your remote, phone, etc., if you have lots of people in your house, and do it FREQUENTLY when someone in your house is sick. Do the same for doorknobs and light switches. These are things people don't usually think of.

3. Skip this one if you have a weak stomach or like buffet's: Avoid them! Or at LEAST use your OWN utensils when you get food out. I swear this is true: At an Old Country Buffet one time with Doug's grandma, I saw someone drop a spoon out of salad dressing onto the floor. Another person comes by and puts the spoon on the metal shelf in front of the food. A little girl comes by and sticks the spoon in her mouth. Her mother takes the spoon out of her mouth and puts it back in the dressing.

4. Don't sip out of anyone else's glass or bottle...ever.

5. Wash your hands a LOT. You could probably avoid 75% of illnesses if you'd just wash your hands more often!

6. Don't touch your face: don't rub your nose, or eyes, or anything with your hands. Use a tissue or napkin.

7. Carry antibacterial wipes whereever you go. For example, when Joanna and I go McTalking for Bible study (and our sanity) either she or I wipe down the table before we sit down. Even if they've just "cleaned"'s still germy and filthy.

8. Wash your hands or use antibacterial hand stuff after you touch money. Money is one of THE dirtiest things on the planet.

9. NEVER lick your fingers unless they are just cleaned. Never lick your fingers when counting paper or money. YUCK.

10. Ask your friends and family to let you know if they are not feeling well before you get together. Remind people that it's very important that you don't get sick.

Anyone else have other tips for avoiding germs?


Joanna said...

I'm still grossed out by that lady that ran up to wipe down the table and you and I were looking at the rag she used. I know she wasn't out of earshot before I said, 'hand me the wipe cuz eww.'

Kerri said...

NASTY. It's probably just plain water anyway. Puke.

Beverly said...

Hey girl....wipe off those salt and pepper shakers at restaurants!!!! Nearly everyone touches them and NO ONE ever wipes these things off....eeeewwwwwww

Stay healthy and strong!

Pam said...

My asthma doctor told me not to shake hands with anyone at Church when they do the welcome thing...he said that is where there are many germs...

if you have one computer you are sharing in a home with your family I would suggest wiping off the keyboard..and mouse.

do you get a flu shot? I get one every year...

thanks Kerri for all your advice...

Young Wife said...

Wipe down computer keyboard and mouse. Also, the steering wheel in your car. Wash your tennis shoes every once in awhile. They get pretty dirty. I've been known to spray Lysol on my dress shoes and flip flops, but myabe I'm a little OCD. I wash my hands a lot. One tip I read said that you should wash your hands when you get home. You've probably been in an office or store and touched all sorts of nasty things.

Kerri said...

Ashley, Great tips! I used antibacterial stuff when I'm out after I touch anything.

The computer and mouse...yes!! And the phone! That's the biggest germ-catcher.

One more: Avoid the county fair.
(just kidding, Jacob had a blast, so it was worth it).

My friend Tracy had one more: Don't teach third grade! : )