Saturday, September 5, 2009

Garage Sales Are DONE For The Year!!!

Halle-honkin-lujah is all I'm sayin'! I am exhausted! But it was worth it. Three garage sales this summer and we made enough money for gas TO Florida AND home this winter. With the truck. Pulling the boat! Whoo-hoo!!!! Now we are so happy we do the dance of joy! Dy-dy-dy-dy-da-da-dy-dy-dy-dy HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! {1000 points if you know what I'm talking about..}

SO....we had gorgeous was a bit warm for me, but who can complain when you're having a garage sale? Mucha thanks to my sister Lori, nephew Will and mom and dad for helping out with the sale and Jacob! THANK YOU !!!! We really didn't have that many people stopping either. I was selling all my Stampin' Up! stuff though, and that helped a lot. Too expensive of a habit to keep up. (Seeing as how I do Creative Memories as well and will NEVER give that up!!) We still have TONS of stuff left. I think we're going to consign my stamps to try to get a little money moooo-lah for Florida, and donate the rest. Lakeshore Pregnancy Center is going to be veeeery happy!

We were practically giving stuff away towards the end...this TOTALLY Dutch guy with a super heavy accept was here yesterday. (I'm 100% Dutch, so I'm making fun of my own nationality here...) Dutch folks, for those of you who may not have heard, are NOTORIOUS for being cheap. Just ask my husband. (hehehhehehe) But seriously.... This guy was muttering under his breath the whole time. He picked up a surge protector: "Does dis verk? Do you have electric somevare around here?" (you've got to kind of hack when you say the "h" in here). So he grabs a curling iron by the barrel to plug into the surge protector to see if it works. Doug was like, um, you might not want to do that...

We had $2.00 on it. Dutchie says, "Vill you take a dollah for it?" I was like, sure. Then he moves on to the VHS tapes. Had a buck a piece on them, or 6/$5.00. Cheap! He's like, "Oh, too expensive, too expensive! I get zem for a quartah!" I was like, dude, take as many as you want for a quarter a piece...I just want this stuff gone! Something else was like $4.00, BRAND NEW, a lighthouse thing with 3 decorative plates...he was like, "You take two dollahs for dis?" I was like, whatever, just load your car and GO! Hilarious.

Even sold my haywagon that I didn't know was for sale!

Quick note: National Invisible Illness Awareness Week is Sept. 14-20. Stay tuned for more posts on Invisible and Chronic Illness!


Young Wife said...

Sounds like you made a good bit of money with your garage sale. Way to go!

Pam said...

yea, you get to go to Florida that was worth having the garage sales!!! Good for you! :)