Friday, September 11, 2009

Hey all,

Well, today was pretty horrible. We had "access" problems. Meaning vein and needle problems. The one vein in my left arm that was ALWAYS cooperative wasn't even playing nice. It hurts sometimes during the treatment, kind of like a bad ache. If I'm running well I just suck it up and carry on. But today. Ug. The left arm took 3 times. They ran the machine each time and they worked for like 2 minutes. Then it's mess with the needles, try to get the "sweet spot", then yank it out cuz it's not working.

They finally ended up in my hand, but had to use a super small needle, so I was running really slow. The hand was burning, and my "good" arm was hurting more than usual. After almost 90 minutes there, 45 of actual treatment running, I was only 1/3 done. I was like "Stop." I couldn't take the pain in my arm anymore, and it would have been probably 2 more hours. No way Jose.

So I have to go back next Friday for more pheresis since this didn't really do much.

Dr. Teener came in and talked to me about the MRI, and said I could probably do the open has less pixels, but for this particular thing should be fine. Only trouble is it takes longer, and I can't breathe when I lay flat because of the MG. I sleep with a wedge and 3 pillows at night. SO...if they can't prop me up a little, I will have to be sedated, in which case I will be going to Ann Arbor so I'm right there if anything happens. That will probably be an overnight trip and a treatment then the next day. Told me to double my pain meds because they aren't really working. If THAT doesn't work, we'll have to go heavy duty drugs, which I'm not crazy about. I don't want to be loopy taking care of Jacob.

Finished my stellar day at Walgreens buying a cane to help me walk. Ain't life grand.

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