Sunday, February 28, 2010

Almost Home

I can honestly say I don't think I've EVER looked more forward to snow, bills, chickens, dust, chores, or anything else I've ever complained about at my house. I'm ridiculously homesick, and we are very close. About 3.5-4 hours away. After the last two TWELVE hour days in a bumpy ol' truck pulling a boat on some of the worst roads on the planet!

The first person I'm calling tomorrow is my chiropractor. Between the whiplash I got in Florida, on the boat, going Mach9 over 4 foot waves tightly gripping a 3 year old, to the bumps and potholes on the roads of this great country...I think every bone that can be adjusted needs to be. My back is killing me!

I'm going to get caught up on my bloggy friends....I'm going to sleep in my own bed...FOREVER. I'm going to run around in next to nothing and not worry about being too loud for the neighbors. (Although when most of your neighbors are chain-smoking geriatric alcoholics, THEY bothered US way more than we bothered them, I'm sure!)

{cue patriotic music}

I'm going to appreciate my CLEAN kitchen. My overheating stove. My slow microwave. My pantry! My dirty carpet...cuz I know it's MY dirt. My loud yappy dogs. My Dyson vacuum. And DVR. Oh, sweet DVR. Watching anything you want when you want.

Oh, and to the makers of the portable DVD player....if my firstborn weren't already born and perfect, I would promise it to you. If you had not invented this beautiful piece of technology, I am certain that not all three members of my family would be alive. I.KID.YOU.NOT. So whoever you are....BLESS YOU!

My next post will be from the blissful setting of my OWN office, with my own computer, and I will be the happiest person ever.


Jess @ Frugal with a Flourish said...

Don't you just love being at HOME with YOUR stuff! Lol! Even with as much as we don't like our current place - it is OURS! Thanks for stopping by the other day!

Sarah Beth said...

That's one of my favorite things about traveling - coming home! Going away is great fun and all, but nothing beats being HOME! Glad you are back. :)

Jenxr77 said...

Amen Kerri! You are too funny:) I hope you are still resting in YOUR bed. Welcome home {Hugs}

Young Wife said...

Home is where my heart is. Hope you're in your own home by now!