Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Movin' On

So today we head over to Sebastian. Fishing mecca of the area. Indian River Lagoon is touted to be one of the best fishing spots in the WORLD, let alone the country, let alone FLORIDA! Now we are so happy we do the dance of joy!

Yesterday we went to a fish hatchery about 1/2 hour from here. Jacob want to catch the fish. In the farm-tanks. We saw a ton of Coy...those things are COOL! They feed the babies to the bass though...not so cool. They feed bluegill to the big bass. Kinda wierd, but hey, it's the food chain. At least we're still on top!

So as we're leaving, Jacob is screaming about wanting to pet the fish. (When we're on the boat, he "pets" the fish in the live well.) So a big ol Southern guy says, "He wants to what?" And we're like, yah, pet the fish. And he's like, "Well, come on then, let's see what we can do." So he takes him to the baby coy tank and lets him put his hand in there to pet them. Then Jacob wants to CATCH one. So they help him to catch a teeny one. So we thought, cool, all good.

As we're leaving, you can hear the echoes of a 3 1/2 year old richocheting off of every wall in the place: "I want to catch a fish!!! I want to catch a fish!" And sobbing like we just killed his best friend. Oh, drama, that one!! (Can't IMAGINE where he would get that from !)

On a sad note, Captain Phil Harris from the Cornelia Marie, a crab boat from the Discovery Show Deadliest Catch, died yesterday at the age of 53. He had health issues, not withstanding the fact that he never slept and chain smoked, probably lived on sausage and twinkies, and drank like a fish! I didn't really like him at the beginning of the show, but he kinda grows on ya. Like a forlorn puppy. Who curse like, well, like a sailor, I suppose. But anyway....he leaves behind a crew who love him like family, two sons, and a lot of avid fans. He will be missed. Prayers to the family.


Corrie Howe said...

I never watched that show. But I have watched a few shows where the actors have died during the season. It is shocking and sad. Like losing a friend.

preciousbabysite said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story with me. It was well written and I can just picture taking my grandson to a fish farm.

Jackie Savi-Cannon