Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhog Day!

Okay, so who else thinks that Groundhog Day was one of Bill Murray's best movies ever? When he was still funny and not such a freak! This movie STILL makes me laugh outloud. Partly because Bill Murray is hilarious in it, partly just because of the concept. If you haven't seen it (seriously????) YOU MUST. (This movie and What About Bob? Oh My GOSH! Laugh-out-loud-fall-off-your-chair funny!)

I also like the movie because it is about second chances. And who hasn't ever needed one of those? I'm so thankful for second chances...and third chances....and fourth...

With my husband.

With my child.

With my friends.

With my family.

And most of all, with my God.

I know I have blown it with all these people...and I'm sure waaaay more than once. How blessed am I that I have been given so many second chances!

I want to encourage you today...if there is someone in your life who has blown it, would you give them a second chance? Even if they don't deserve it. Especially if they don't deserve it. It's called grace. Unmerited favor. Pass it on.


The Royal Family said...

hi! Love that movie! Hey thanks for stopping by from blah to ta-daa!

The buzz

Mellisa Rock said...

What a great sentiment...I am going to take this to heart. Everyone deserves a second chance!

Thanks for stopping by @ From Blah to Ta-daa!

Anonymous said...

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Cole said...

I've only seen bits of that movie, but it cracked me up! Love how you tied it together with such a wonderful sentiment.

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I used to watch that movie with my mom. It was one of her favorites. Its funny that I was just watching Andy in a hallmark movie today and it made me think of her in the ground hog movie with bill.