Sunday, February 7, 2010

My Blog Tribe

Time to give a shout out to my "tribe!" This idea is from SITS...

Last week we were to identify people in our bloggy worlds that we interact with on a regular basis. Our "tribe" so to speak. This week, it's time for acknowledging our supporters! So, without further ado...The top three of my crazy tribe!

1. Miss Joanna. My BFF. The one who encouraged me to blog. So I blame my addiction on her! Just kidding...I'm absolutely tickled that I started blogging, and I really have you to thank! Love ya G!

2. Miss Ashley. This godly young lady has a heart of gold, a chronically ill husband, and a wonderful attitude. What an example to young women everywhere!

3. Miss Pam. What a woman of God! I have actually known Pam for YEARS, because her brother married my sister! But only recently have we really gotten to know each other, over the net. We actually have a LOT in common. She is a constant source of encouragement. She is strong and wonderful!

There are more people whose blogs I thoroughly enjoy....see my blog list. They are all talented writers, cooks, moms, friends...I try to read their blogs as often as possible. These top three though are folks who consistently comment on mine, or send me comments via e-mail or facebook. I have a few other friends who I know consistently read my blog, but DON'T LEAVE A COMMENT!!! (Hint, know who you are!!!) : ) But seriously, thanks to all who read, and I WOULD love it if you would leave a comment once in a while!

See, comments are like crack to bloggers. Gotta have 'em. He he he he. It's validation. For those of you who don't blog, you might not get it. But for those of you who DO, you totally understand. So, just for kicks and grins...let me know you read my blog, and what you think!

And special thanks to the top three of my tribe. Love ya sisters!


Corrie Howe said...

What a good idea to talk about blog tribes. I guess I would list the people who hooked up with me from the beginning and are still around.

I'm going to the Baltimore bootcamp with SITS, can't wait.

Joanna said...

Aww thanks!

I love your honesty. You say it like it is. Nothing fake. :)

Young Wife said...

Thanks for the shout out! You're so sweet. I consider you a part of my tribe, too. Comments are like crack! That should be my new tag line. ;)

Pam said...

now I really feel special! I love being part of your "tribe"!
We all need to feel like we are part of something, feel connected, especially us who are home so much of the time, not really by choice. I love you Kerri and I am very thankful that are connected in this special way~ so nice to have someone who "gets it" thank you for encouraging to write a blog and be open and honest about how I really feel. Knowing that I am able to help others only when i am totally open with them about what I am going through...not easy for someone who has been taught to hide their feelings, don't cry it is a sing of weakness... I was brought up with four brothers what can I say?
I am very thankful we have each other along with family too!!
most of all we are sisters in the Lord! Your a blessings Kerri! I am praying for you and your family as you travel!!! Enjoy you deserve a trip!!!