Saturday, February 6, 2010

My First Morning in Florida


So I take a lovely shower this morning...feel refreshed and squeaky clean after 3 days in a truck and 2 nights of motels. My mom's bathtub is very high...and shallow. A fact which I discovered as I stepped in. Very carefully.

And a fact I completely forgot as I stepped out. My right foot stepped out onto the little bath mat, and went down a LOT further than I expected. My other leg flies out, doing that little stumbling-running-trying-to-catch-up-with-yourself-before-you-fall-on-your-tush thing. Well, wet feet and linoleum don't mix. I literally skied across the small bathroom, gaining a shocking amount of momentum in such a small area, and slammed into the door. With my face.

My right foot went under the door. And my nose and lip smacked into the door. I cut my nose, but amazingly, it didn't bleed. So now I have a bandaid on my nose and a fat lip. My first day on vacation.

Just call me Grace!!


Acting Balanced Mom said...

stopping by from SITS - hoping your second day of vacay is better than the first!

BLOGitse said...

oh boy! Calm down girl! :)
Take it easy and your tomorrow is going to be better...

I'm happy you gave your WOrds! :)


Danielle said...

Sounds like something I have done more times than I would like to admit!

Stoppin' by from SITS!

Young Wife said...

I wish you could have seen me reading this post. I was covering my mouth and wincing and leaning with every word. Hope you're feeling better!