Monday, August 30, 2010

Two Things That REALLY Irritate Me

Hey there!

Okay, so you know those commercials and other ads for the home soap dispensers that are motion-activated? They keep saying, "Do you know how gull of germs the pump handle of your soap bottle is?" DUH. That's why we're washing our hands, Einstein. Because we have germs on them,. Ergo, the pump handle will have germs on it. I mean, really. Who's going to touch the pump of the bottle and then NOT wash their hands? Unless you have severe OCD with a tapping compulsion (you are excused...I know that's horrible!) NO ONE. So that is about the most overpriced soap on the planet. And I hope people are smart enough to figure that one out.

Second, and a bit more seriously...I've been thinking about Invisible Illness week coming up, and chronic illness in general. One thing that grates my nerves raw is that chronically ill people can NOT get life insurance, unless they want to pay HUGE dollars for practically nothing.

A few years ago Doug and I were getting life insurance. A nurse came out to give us "physicals" and take our medical history. (Little did this nurse know she would be writing a novel about me!!) Doug qualified for the super-premium-perfectly-healthy-low-blood-pressure-no-cholesterol-cheap-but-lots-of-coverage plan. I qualified for NOTHING.

Okay. Who need life insurance more: a perfectly healthy person? Or a chronically ill person? Seriously. Why on earth can't sick people get life insurance? Oh, because then the insurance company may actually have to PAY on a policy! What a racket (as in organized crime, theft, illegal activity). It should be illegal to deny someone life insurance. Yes, I know, when I'm 55 I can get the Alex Trebec life insurance. But what if I die before then?

I looked EVERYWHERE and found a super-helpful guy that tried SO hard to find something... Anything that I could get. He found one that if I paid like $150.00 a month, I would get $10,000 of coverage. Ten grand. Nice. In five and a half years I would have PUT IN 10 thousand. Thievin' bastages.

Anyway. If you are healthy, I don't care how old you are, GET LIFE INSURANCE!!! My sister has fibromyalgia and she can't get life insurance. It's ridiculous. It's insane! So go forth. INsure yourselves.


bluewhitelife said...

Don't have life insurance yet (but definitely thinking about that and getting a will written up so there's not havoc if something terrible happens.) BUT, my health insurance? I have to pay an extra $30 a month JUST because my docs make me go in every 3 months...and an extra $30 a month is no big deal (I'm sure yours is well, probably worse...) but then my doctor didn't even SUBMIT my appts to my insurance (wtf, guys...I pay out the butt for this!)

Luckily, they submitted after I complained, but I'd really prefer NOT to get $200 bills for random things.

In other news, a pap smear costs OVER $100 without insurance (it was 37 with my insurance...) - who in God's name would pay $100 for a pap? It's a Q-tip for pete's sake!

End rant :)

Young Wife said...

Thank you! I am so with you on the soap dispenser! We were so blessed to have gotten David's life insurance just before he was diagnosed.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I've never understood the concept either that you have to be perfectly healthy to get health insurance. It seems backwards to me.

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy