Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Antibiotics are a wonderful thing. I have been down in bed, totally wiped out and SLEEPING most of the time (that NEVER happens). Last week Wednesday, Thursday, then Sunday and Monday I was in bed ALL day. Yesterday I still felt HORRIBLE. Bad enough to call the doctor and ask for an antibiotic because I was worse than when I went in the week before.

Finally figured it out...I had a sinus infection! Duh. Migraine, face pain, dizziness, then the crud...I'll spare you the details on that....suffice it to say...EEEWWW!! So the chickie I saw last Wednesday at the walk-in clinic (my local doc has a walk-in clinic every day from 5-PM which totally ROCKS), and they didn't call back to harass me or anything. Just called in the script, and in less that 4 hours! LOVE that. I even had to tell them what to write it for because there is ONE antibiotic I know I can take. I'm allergic to everything else, OR it make the MG really bad.

I tell ya, running into a doctor who LISTENS to you....priceless.

Took 2 pills yesterday, one when Doug got home with them and one before bed. Woke up this morning for the first time in 7 days NOT feeling like death warmed over. {breaking out in Hallelujah chorus}

What a relief. My gosh. It's bad enough dealing with MG, life in general, and a 4 year old, then get a sinus infectoin on top of that. Ug. HUGE thanks to Shawn for taking Jacob extra days so I could rest. You are my hero! (Heroine?)

I was a bit jumpy this morning though...bad, bad weather going through. Tornado warming, but it was just east of us. {more Hallelujah chorus} We have a high wind warning til 8 PM TOMORROW night. Doug wants to go to the Lakeshore after work; supposed to have 20 foot waves. I've never seen anything like that! We'll see.

Physical therapy is coming today at 1...I'm still pooped out, but I still wanted her to come...I'm hoping she has my new walker. That would be NICE.

Anywho...that's about enough for now....I'm just so glad to be among the living again! Not the thriving (yet) but at least the living!


bluewhitelife said...


I <3 Z-pak. That is my favorite of the antibiotic varieties.

I dis-<3 Rifampin. Because it disagrees with my insides. And turns my pee orange (that is a normal side effect, but it's GROSS).

I've obviously been on too many antibiotics in my lifetime.

kc said...

Better living thru chemistry, I always say! Glad to hear you're on the road to recovery!!

Karen Mortensen said...

So glad you are feeling better.