Monday, October 11, 2010

Today Was NOT A Good Day....It was GREAT!!!

Although you never would’ve known by the way I felt when I woke up. Thank God for coffee. WOW! Must have been extra strong, because I woke UP! And I felt good. Did ya hear that??? GOOD!!!!

For the first time in over 3 weeks, I had a good day. A GREAT day!

Before 11:00, I vacuumed the whole house, (main floor) and CLEANED THE BATHROOM. I have not done that in FOREVER. I think my new breathing medication finally kicked in…. My pulmonologist switched me from Advair to a liquid similar to Advair that I can use in nebulizer. That way, instead of a powder I inhale through my trach, I get ALL the medication for sure right into my lungs.

I’ve been on it for 4 days…and it wasn’t doing a thing. I was bummed! And ready to switch back to Advair. I was having trouble breathing, and I was like, oh my GOSH not again. But today…viola! I can breathe!

THEN this afternoon I did the dishes, and then after dinner I took a shower! All in one day! Are you KIDDING me??

My GP suggested physical therapy. I am skeptical, since MG is a disease in which the muscle is weak already, and gets weaker still with repetitive motion. What is PT? Repetitive motion! The PT was so cool though. It was actually a guy I used to go to church with. That was a surprise.

But he totally UNDERSTOOD. He didn’t push, didn’t tell me that exercise would make everything better…it was an amazing feeling to have someone in the medical world “get me” the first time around. He did some strength testing on my legs, and I could do one thing, then I had to rest my legs. And today was a great day! It was discouraging, but we will continue to see if it gets any better. I have my doubts, but we agreed on giving it a month, if it doesn’t work, we will have to discuss pain management.

The thing with MG is that one day I may be able to walk up the stairs and not have any leg weakness, and the next day I may walk up and have to stop and rest three times so my legs don’t give out. It’s crazily inconsistent, which drives me INSANE. I’m a planner!!!

Anyway. Yesterday was an awesome day too, but I’ll write about that later because this is already becoming a novel!

So…YAY for me!


Karin said...

YAY for YOU! Just like the right tool makes the job easier, the right meds make life easier. I'm glad your guy understands!! Hoping tomorrow will be great too!!

Blue & said...

That's awesome! I hear it can be pretty rough sometimes, but I'm glad it sounds like your PT is a good guy so far :)

melaina said...

So glad that you had a great day today!

Karen Mortensen said...

I am so happy for you. Here is to good days.

Margaret said...

I am so glad to hear that you had a good day!!!!

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Yippee for the new medicine! I hope it keeps working and just gets better and better!

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy

Young Wife said...

Woo hoo! So happy you had a great day!