Friday, June 3, 2011

Five-Minute Fridays I'm giving the "real" 5-Minute Friday thing a chance. If nothing else, you can use this to check out The Gypsy Momma. She is an extraordinary writer. So. The rules are simple. You write for five minutes on the topic that The Gypsy Momma gives you. No editing, no re-writing, no overthinking, just unadulterated writing. Then link up to her site, and give props to the person ahead of you.

Today's topic is.....

Every Day.....


Every day I wake up and I still have MG. I still have a disease that has a name, but no cure. It has a name, but it's not MY name. I am NOT my disease.

Every day I wake up and I see the sleepy blue eyes of my precious son and wonder: is today the day? Is today the day he will say he's tired of having a sick Mommy?

Every day I wonder what challenges will come. I wonder if my husband and I will have a fight over what I can and cannot do. I wonder how the weather will effect my health. I wonder if my medication will keep working.

Every day I thank God that I woke up, (well, to be completely frank, MOST days!) that I have another day on this planet with my family.

Every day I see my little boy get bigger and older and wiser and smarter and I feel sad and happy at the same time. I'm so thrilled he's growing and happy and healthy. But I will never be able to hold him in one arm and sit for hours holding him and just staring into his curious blue eyes. Eyes so blue you could get lost in them.

Every day is a new day. A new start. But yet for me it is somehow the same. I still have a disease that will never go away until God decides to heal me. Which I indeed know He just doesn't mean it will be on this side of heaven. But I will be free one day. And that leads to Hope.

Every day I have Hope. I know that my Redeemer lives. I know that there is a God and He loves me and He can use anything, even a wretched disease for His glory.

Every day I Hope that I am a willing vessel that He can use to reach, encourage, support or inspire someone.


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Anonymous said...

As a fellow chronic illness sufferer, I too am grateful everyday that my disease has a name but it is not MY name. So well said, and so very poignant. It is a part of our identity, but nowhere near the whole of it. It is a piece to be carried around, some days heavier than others, but it is still just a piece. I tell myself I can manage that one piece for this one day. And that is all God asks of anyone. So glad I stumbled upon your blog!