Sunday, June 5, 2011

We're Not Talking Thankful....

We're talking over-the-moon, pure, all-encompassing, infinite, shut-my-mouth HAPPY. Happy happy happy happy happy. I'm happy. I'M HAPPY!!!!

{If any one you remember the seagull in the Little Mermaid, where he grabs Sebastian (the little crab) and goes eyeball to eyeball and says, "Do you hear what I'm saying to you?!?!" and shakes him like crazy.....THAT'S how I'm writing this!}

I want to grab every single one of you and make you look at me eyeball to eyeball so I can say, "Do you hear what I'm saying???" I AM HAPPY!

Now there's a total difference between happiness and being joy. I can still have joy in a hospital bed, because I know that when the Good Lord is ready, He is coming back to take me up to heaven, and I will be perfect there. NOTHING takes my joy.

But happy is a whole different ballgame. I cannot say I have felt really, honestly, purely HAPPY like this in.....sadly, I can't remember when. I'm downright giddy.

* I slept 7 hours straight last night. I didn't wake up or get up once. Not even to go potty. If I did, I don't remember, which is just as good as not waking at all. Can I tell you the last time that happened? NOPE. Probably 1989 or something.

* Yesterday, I drove myself 45 miles to my mom's house where I got to see my mom and dad on their anniversary, my niece on her birthday, and both of my sisters and one great-niece (I hate saying that because a great aunt is a blue-haired old lady in my mind's eye) all in one day. AND it was almost 90 degrees there. AND I sat in the garage (garage sale, not some form of self-torture) for over an hour chatting before I wilted and had to go in. But then I made a quick recovery. I drove home MYSELF 3 1/2 hours later, and drove home without incident.

* When I got HOME, after resting for about an hour or so in the house with my feet up, I was able to go outside, down to the pond, to see my precious baby's tadpole collection. We have them in all stages you know. "Two-legs, four-legs, and hoppers." THEN I walked to the barn (with the van key so Doug could drive down and bring me back up to the house since I knew there was NO WAY I could get up the incline back to the house after being outside for 30 minutes in 95 degrees (Yes, I said 95!), right?) I even went into. the. barn. Yes, that part was temporary insanity. My barn and my basement are two places I'd rather not EVER go in. But Jacob wanted me to see him feed the cows, and Doug wanted me to see the hay he put up. {As I'm saying that I'm hearing my brother (who never reads my blog, A-HEM) laugh his fool head off.}
Well, you know what? I. Walked. Back. Up. To. The. House. I had to stop twice, but I did it. Then up the concrete stairs from the pit of hell up the door, and up the 7 steps into the house.

THEN after resting again I gave Jacob a bath!


Let me just TRY to put this in perspective for you "normal" people. Wait a minute, who do I know that's normal??? You HEALTHY people.

Having SIX days in a row, where I did pretty much everything I wanted to do, and MORE, then sleeping 7 hours straight last night, waking up at 6:13 A. freakin' M. with no headache, feeling great...the odds of that happening are about the same as you winning the lottery, getting hit by lightning and walking on the moon all in six days.

For me to do what has happened this week....It should have been impossible. It's BEEN impossible for SIX YEARS. SIX years. That's 2,190 days. GLORY TO GOD. GLORY!!!

I'm not saying this can continue...if fact, I need to settle my hiney down before I end up relapsing. But I'm not sure you can really understand what this feels like...I want to shout from the mountaintops. It's like I've found the holy grail of treatment timing, location, etc. I even cut back on my Prednisone from 5mg every day to 5, 2 1/2 every other day. May not sound like much, but even that much has already helped my blood sugar. Prednisone is the devil. If there was something worse I could think of than the devil, it would be prednisone.

Anyway. Thank you for allowing me to verbally hemorrhage. Praise God it's going to be another amazing day. I am so blessed.


Anonymous said...

That is freakin' awesome!

Hope today is a good day too!

The Jammie Girl said...

You go, girl!! I'm doing my happy dance for you! WOO HOO!!!

Rachel said...

I am soooo very happy for you!!!
I'm crying tears of JOY!!

*thanks for thinking I'm cool! I'm about as cool as a humid day in August!!

Karen Mortensen said...

This is wonderful.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

I am GRINNING from ear to ear I am so HAPPY for YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mother used to be on prednisone for her lupus but now she's on calcort. She says it's easier on her stomach. I thought you might want to ask your doctors about it.

Still grinning!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns

Patty Ann said...

Kerri, I am so, so, happy for you!! You are in our prayers and our fast today. I am hoping this keeps up and that you have many more moments and days of rejoicing ahead!! You are amazing my friend!! I love miracles!!

Trace-n-the-Grace said...

tears in my eyes, Kerri, for your happiness. Praise the Lord for ALL his gifts.

Joanna said...

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit! That is great! Is it because you did back to back treatments?