Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Random Updates

Oh my goodness.  Monday was awesome...my SITS day. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and commented!  I will get back to you soon!

I'm still exhausted from vacation.  Doug is fighting allergy stuff big time, and Saturday when we got back he pretty much hit the wall and rested all day.  So I had more to do than "normal"....Sunday I was busy all day too, unpacking, etc.

Monday I had an 8 AM appointment at the dentist because I lost a filling on vacation.  They had to check to see if the tooth was "viable" and take x-rays before they could do anything.  So Tuesday I had a 1:20 appointment at the dentist (I HATE the drill, the buffer, the sounds and smells...HATE it)....then home to grab Jacob, drop him off to Doug at work, and go to my second appointment, the foot doc.

For some reason, my diabetes doctor wouldn't qualify me for free diabetic shoes (I see her for one of my two appointments that will basically take all day) so when I DO see her I will certainly find out.  All I need is ANOTHER doctor, ya know?  Geez.  The foot doc is super, super nice, but if the diabetes doc. observes my feet too, why couldn't she have approved the shoes and saved me some time,energy and stress?  As I said, I will find out tomorrow.

Feel like I could sleep for a week.
That's all for now.


Blond Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! Glad you had a good day!

The Dolls Are Alright said...

Of course you need a nap after all that ... hope your week has slowed down some.