Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Christmas Poem

This poem was written by my dear friend Venessa Sue, who has MG, and also happens to have a trach.  I've "known" her for many years, even though we've never met.  This is beautiful...please read and enjoy.

by Venessa Sue Litewski

Shepherds on a hillside

keeping watch o'er flocks by night
when suddenly the sky was filled
with a strange, unearthly light!

An angel voice announced the news ~
God's Son, at last, was here!
An angel chorus in joyful song
of peace and love drew near.

'To Bethlehem we must make haste!'
the shepherds did proclaim
and leaving field and flock, they ran
toward the town of David's name.

Amazed, they found the newborn
with Mary close nearby.
Joseph, too, attending Him
alert to Baby's cry.

This Child had long been promised,
foretold so long ago ...
King of Kings ~ Deliverer
scripture told them so

And yet in that short moment
it seemed that they could see
another day approaching ~
this Baby's destiny.

Time rolled on, the Child grew
and ministered to man
He fulfilled every prophecy
and taught throughout the land.

People asked Him for His blessing,
at the sight of Him they cried
'Rabbi...touch us...heal us;
keep us safely by Your side!'

Then, at the time of Passover
the sacrifice was slain ~
this 'Baby' was MESSIAH!!
Christ Jesus was His name.

And though we can't conceive
of such a love as this;
the Baby grew to be The Man
who ransomed MY life with HIS!

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