Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tired Me, My Big Boy, and Sushi

I was so tired last night I literally couldn't see straight.  I still am raising my eyebrows a little so my eyes aren't completely shut.  I took another one but it's seriously too horrifying to post...even for me!  My face has never been SO droopy.

So for those of you who DON'T have a disability or illness, and you see me looking totally normal when I park in handicapped and go IN to Walmart?  This is me coming out.  So SHUT your FACE.

Yeah, this is my BABY.  {bawl, sob, snort, sigh, snot, bawl again}.  Two peas in a pod, the boy and his dog.  They are like this all the time when Jacob is "chillaxin'" they are from the same litter.  He even calls Black Dog (original, I know, but the kid named him when he was 3) his "brother from another mother."  Um, yah.

And this is called a California roll.  We don't live in California, but my husband just "threw these together" (for the very first time EVER).  The man can do ANYTHING, I swear.  MacGyver, Daniel Boone, and now I guess I have to add Iron Chef.  I don't know which one though...maybe Geoffry Zakarian.  He's pretty handsome for an old dude.  LOL  He's probably the same age as I am!

Anyway....good night!

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Debbie said...

My eyes look exactly like that from MG sometimes. (((hugs)))