Sunday, December 30, 2012

One Facet of MG

One thing about MG:  you take a lot of medication.  A LOT.  So I thought I'd show you all what I have to do once a week.  And every. single. time. I have to do it, I want to throw it all out the window.

  These are all the bottles and boxes I need to fill my gigantic, four-times-a-day pill box.

The full box.  It's something like 42 pills a day at last count.
Trach cleaning supplies.

 Then, morning and night, I have to clean my trach.  I have to use a tiny bit of Hydrogen peroxide (some, but not TOO much or I get like burns around the stoma.  But I have to use SOME, or it gets infected really easily.)  and distilled water, I put that in the little plastic cup, and then use Q-tips to clean around and inside my trach.  I've had the trach just over 12 years, so I've cleaned it nearly 9000 times.  Probably more if you add in extra times for when I had to change it, or after surgery and I do it more often.  Between filling my pills (only once a week) and then cleaning my trach, it takes about 40 minutes.  How fun!

Just one aspect of what it's really like to live with this disease.  It's a lot.


Anonymous said...

Sigh .. I tagged you on FB with pics of my daily dosing ... I can't count the pills anymore. I used to .. but then I spend the next 3 weeks choking on them as I swallow them ... stupid MG.

Carrie's Just Mildly Medicated said...

I have the same pill container but yours trumps mine! I have dysautonomia and last count I am 16 a day and I thought that was overwhelming! Love the blog!

The Jammie Girl said...

How awful is it that I have pill-box-envy? The only one I've been able to find with four-times-a-day dosing is just for one day, so I have to redo it every night, whether I feel like it or not (or risk getting my meds screwed up). Where did you get yours? (I bet this isn't the sort of comment you expected, but you know me - never what you expect!)