Saturday, March 9, 2013

Tired Girl

Whew!  I am one tired girl!  I've been working on filling Superman's Doug's organizer for all of my jewelry stacks.  What's the biggest pain in the butt is that the organizer is made for the stacks to be in their original size.  So I had all these different stacks of all different sizes.... Good heavens.

So I'm wiped out.  I was at it almost all day. Doug had to work this morning.  

Only 2 weeks from Tuesday and Tracy will be here!!  YAY!!!  We are going to suck the life out of every second she is here.... She was GOING to help me organize the office (it IS still kind of a mess)... but there is SO much that needs to be done around here.  I need a dang cleaning lady.  Like, seriously.

For you healthy folks...what I have found is that the energy it takes for me to clean (dust, vacuum, clean the bathroom, do laundry) is equal to or even greater than the energy it takes me to do every thing else:  take care of Jacob, homeschool, keep track of bills and medications, make an occasional meal, run a business....

Hopefully soon we may be able to afford to pay a cleaning lady.  But for just sucks.

Anywho.  That's all for me tonight folks.  I am one pooped pup.

Peace Out.

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