Sunday, March 3, 2013

Super-Hero Hubby Strikes Again!

Doug has been contemplating storage ideas for my jewelry-making stuff.  I have stacks of bead jars of various sizes and plastic tubs to hold my finished product, and plastic cases with other beads, stones, pendants, etc. 

We've been looking store to store to find "just the right thing."  Well, of course "we" (read: Doug) didn't, so this is what happened:
He comes in with this MAMMOTH work station that hangs on the wall so I have desk space to actually work!  It's AMAZING!  It's 6 feet long, and 2 feet tall.  He started shoving stuff in it and I was like WAIT!!!  There must be ORDER!!!

He designed and drilled out all these perfectly sized holes to fit all the stacks I have. He drew the holes on it first on only had to re-do the bottom row one time.  Everything else he drew perfectly the first time.  I completely don't get how he does that!

And both sides have the perfect size spaces for stacking trays.  This is THE most amazing, perfect thing.  And he just did it to help me.  I love my hubby.  He's really awesome. 

No one is perfect, and sometimes he drives me crazy, but I wouldn't trade him for ANYTHING!!!

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