Monday, March 11, 2013

What A Day!

Yesterday was INSANE.  Saturday was for me too, but yesterday was crazy for both Doug and I.  Poor Jacob never even made it out of his pajamas.

This is what I worked on ALL day Saturday and ALL day yesterday:
My amazing organizer that my amazing hubby made for me.  And while I was capping and uncapping and switching tubes and stacks with numb hands and arms, my wonderful husband cleaned the kitchen and bathroom.  I mean, CLEAN-clean.  Mopped the floors, wiped down the cupboards and base boards and wainscoting in the kitchen.....oh my gosh it looks awesome.

But my arms are still killing me.  My hands hurt, my arms hurt....but it's done!  And it's gorgeous.  It's SO wonderful to just glance up and find the exact thing I need without going through  12 stacks and four drawers and 3 shelves...  I LOVE IT!!!

Now, on to making more jewelry...... Whoo-Hoo!!!

Oh, AND he made the MOST amazing pork roast for supper...  Did I tell you my husband is AWESOME????

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Patricia Pitterle said...

Kerri, I feel the same about my husband. And I do think they are amazing!! I love what he did for you!!