Saturday, April 20, 2013

Catching Up

I have had the craziest year.  Seriously.  Even before that. I think it started in November with the first round of pneumonia...coughing up blood... I remember I started the year off with a bang by getting a chest x-ray on my birthday.  I've been on antibiotics more this year than I have in the last 3.  I can only take one that I know of, so here's hoping my body doesn't change its mind again!!

I've had trach troubles, tummy trouble, taking care of a sick boy while having 2 wonderful visitors (THE highlight of my year)... And my office is STILL CLEAN!!  Whoooooo!

But it gets downright discouraging!  My goodness.  It's been one thing after another.  Plasmaphersis, CT scans, nodules in lungs, pneumonia, pseudomonas, strep pneumonia....THEN after taking care of a sick boy, I got to take care of a sick boy AND a sick husband, and then I got it after all of that!

Finally had my ENT appointment yesterday, and he's thinking a longer trach tube will do the trick.  Right now my natural, God-given trachea is flexing its muscle memory and trying to spit the dang thing out.  That's why I can't breathe half the time....because I'm breathing through an opening about the size of 2 1/2 coffee stirrers.  (Why, yes, I did measure...)

I'm behind on my writing, I'm behind on homeschooling, I'm behind on this 40 day prayer thingy I'm doing with Tracy...I just feel like throwing in the towel sometimes!  It's like, man, can I just catch a break or what???

Where is that Calgon when you need it??

However.  Because I serve a Living God, and because so many of my friends, my family, my family's friends, have been praying for me (unceasingly I suspect!) I am still here, I'm still kickin' (albeit weakly)...and I am thanking God for all the amazing things in my life.

A totally wonderful pick me up in the form of an unexpected card in the mail.

A totally wonderful (actually TWO) packages from a wonderful blogger friend, that was so gracious and undeserved.

An awesome visit from 2 precious college friends. 

A clean office.

Someone sending a friend of mine money so I could get my whole house cleaned TWICE!

There really is so much to be thankful for.  I DO have a lot going on health wise.  But I also have so many blessings in my life.  So today, let's all try to focus on the positive.  Even if it's that you're still alive.  Because I would miss you if you were gone.

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