Monday, April 1, 2013

I Really Am Still Here!

I had the blessing and privilege of seeing 2 college friends this past week!  And they both came to my house!  My friend Tracy came up from FLORIDA, and my friend Mary, whom I saw in Frankenmuth in January, came down for a night as well!  It was AWESOME!

We were very, very busy!!  Tracy got here last Tuesday, and Mary came Wednesday.  Wednesday night we went out to Grand Rapids (ooooohhh!!!  The Big City!!) and went out for dinner and shopping. We had SO much fun!!

Also, the girls helped on Thursday to clean my office.  It was a PIT.  Then Mary, sadly, had to leave Thursday, so Tracy and I finished it up Friday and Saturday.  It took the better part of THREE DAYS to get this thing done.  BUT.  It's AMAZING!
Look!  I have a FLOOR again!!!  Everything is stacked, labeled, in its correct place.... FABULOUS!  Never underestimate the power of a label maker.   However, I DID underestimate the TIME it takes to label things!!
The black thing leaning up against the wall is a frame...we got that hung up as well!
My incredible work station!!
I actually have a desk!!

More of my gorgeous, EMPTY floor. 

HUGE thanks to Tracy and Mary for helping me, and what a wonderful time we had.  I'm sure they'll be more posts....especially about tin fishes!!!


The Meyer's said...

WoW!!! I am so jealous of your office! What a fun-looking creative place. I just found your blog. I have been diagnosed with Chronic Lyme and am trying find my way. I live in TX but used to live in Grand Blanc (outside of Flint). I am homeschooling two beautiful crazy kids 11yrs and 15 yrs. Doing it from bed most days. God is here and He SEES me. That is what I hold on to. Blessings to you!!

The Meyer's said...
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