Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Has Anyone Seen My Sanity??

Okay....here's the recap of my weekend:

First of all, I was supposed to go to Ann Arbor on Friday. We get almost to Battle Creek, and smoke starts pouring out from underneath our car. We knew we had a TEENY transmission leak, but it had been fine. Um, not so much anymore. So I'm like, "Could that start on fire?" Doug's like, "It shouldn't." I'm like, WRONG ANSWER! So we pull over and let the car cool down. I call pheresis to cancel, and then call my mom to tell her what was up. We look at the receipt from the brand new transmission we had put in last summer, and find we are 1,000 miles over the warranty. Of COURSE! We get to Allegan Transmission, and Tom says, bring it in next Tuesday. Doug shows him the warranty slip, and Tom says, "That's fine...we'll take care of it." GOD BLESS TOM!!! If you live around here and need transmission work, go see him!! We took back roads home, and no more smoke. So apparently it will only start on fire over 60 mph.

Saturday morning at 7 AM the phone rings. I am downstairs. I'm like, this can't be good. No one calls on a Saturday morning at 7 AM unless something is wrong. "Hello?" It's Doug, on his cell phone, upstairs. "I need help. I can't get out of bed!"

Um, seriously? Yup. It's his back. He can barely move. I get upstairs, we try very hard to get him to the potty, can't make it. Goes back to bed. Jacob gets up, I'm panicking, thinking, where am I going to find a chiropractor open on Saturday? How am I going to take care of Jacob and Doug? I can't DO this!

I call Shawn, hysterical, she comes to get Jacob. She comes in, I throw myself at her bawling, and say "I can't do this!" And she very calmly says, "Yes, you can. You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength." I was like, Go Shawn! She took Jacob, bless her heart, and I calmed down a little. One down, one to go. I start calling chiropractors, not getting anywhere. I see a couple in Portage, but with the car the way it is, I don't want to drive all the way to Portage. I finally see one in Plainwell, call, and they're open. I almost bawl. We make an appointment for 11:15, but they are very busy so we may have to wait.

It took us 45 minutes to get Doug out of bed, dressed, and down the stairs. We made it to Plainwell, and he felt much better after the treatment, but could still barely walk. So I had to do everything around he that he usually does: feed and water the chickens, ducks and turkeys, (which doesn't sound like much if you're healthy) take care of him...help him walk, get all the meals, dishes, not to mention taking care ofJacob 100% (after we got him from Shawn). I was so exhausted.

Sunday...same thing. Doug can barely walk. We decide to go back to Plainwell Monday morning. But we had to get through today first...Mother's Day. I drove to the store to get rotissiere chickens because they were on sale, and then I wouldn't have to cook! My mom had brought a huge thing of lasagna for Friday night, so we were set for food. I think the highlight of my Mother's Day was when Doug swatted Jacob on the diaper (barely touched him) for messing with the dogs, and Jacob ran to me crying. "I don't like it when Daddy spanks me," he said. "I'm going to run away!" Well, Happy Mother's Day to me! I was at LEAST four before I packed my suitcase for the first time!

Monday Joanna and boys came over to watch Jacob while we went to the chiro. again. They ran him ragged, bless their hearts. And Joanna vacumed!!!! Oh, BLESS you woman. Vacuming can be difficult for me, and I was seriously wondering how the heck I was going to get it done seeing as how exhausted I was. We had pizza for lunch and then Jacob and I took a nap. I crashed for a solid 90 minutes. By Monday night chore time, Doug was helping a lot, and I was bawling a lot. I had totally reached the end. Talk about walking dead.

Doug went to work today...he's moving MUCH better...I told him he better be careful! He also will be bringing the car in for the transmission. Who know how long that will take!

Thanks to all for the prayers...and please continue to do so. Again, anyone needing proof that God exists, come see me. I would literally, not in any physical way possible, be able to do what I did over the past 4 days without the strength of the Almighty.


Ginny said...

Kerri, I'm glad Doug is feeling some better and that God's strength brought you through the weekend.
I just saw an old Andy Griffith rerun where Opie was going to run away from home when he was really small.....made me think of Jacob.
Lova ya!

Joanna said...

I thought it was funny that I had to get Jacob to show me how to start your vacuum.

Was praying for you this morning. You looked down yesterday and I didn't get the chance to check on you. I got my errands all done - hope you did too.

What's this I hear about another rooster?? Can I watch you punt it this time? :D