Sunday, May 3, 2009

I just typed my whole post and it disappeared. Ug.

I'm uploading a picture of my niece, Jessica, who is getting married in December. Technically, she's already married, so I should say her wedding is in December. Doug and I did the same thing. We got married in the church narthex in August of 2000, then had the big church wedding almost one year to the day later. We were both totally ready to be married, I had quit my job because I was so sick...getting on his insurance was SUCH a God-thing because I was in the hospital 6 weeks later, and I would have been paying for COBRA and had crappy insurance!

Jess and Daniel got married because they needed to be legally married before they could apply for military housing. He comes home (originally Georgia, but he'll be going to Kansas) in October, and if they waited until December to apply, there may not be anything available immediately. So they'd have no place to live!

Isn't she beautiful?? Oh, you can see my new glasses too. I look so old next to her!

Jessie's leaving to go to Georgia to get Daniel's things, and taking them to Kansas, where they will be living. (Every tornado season will find my family praying more than usual!!) Then she'll come back home and the Army will come up and get her stuff and take it to Kansas. They'll only move once, and she has waaaaay more stuff than her hubby, so they are coming here. Then she'll be in Kansas, living on a military base. Where has the time gone! I still remember Jessie at about 4 years old. She's permanently etched in my mind at that age...I remember going off to college when she was about 18 months old, and it was terrible. I missed her so much.

Anyway...the shower was very nice, and it was wonderful to just hang out with my sisters, nieces, mom and Aunt Dee. I love you all!!

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LRHG said...

Old? Oh girl - you look like you did in high school!