Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Stinkin' MG Monster

First of all, Happy Belated Memorial Day....I did so on facebook, but not on my blog yet: Thank you to all of our service men and women who are currently serving our beloved country...to those who have gone before you, the veterans, and to those who gave their lives. For those POW's and those who have never been found, God bless your families, and thank you for your sacrifice.

The MG is kicking my butt lately. Man. I don't quite understand. It's so frustrating, because it's so UNPREDICTABLE. I'm having symptoms I haven't had in years...like having trouble holding my head up. I'm getting a stiff neck from the strain of holding my own head up (my sister said that must be where Jacbob gets his big ol noggin from....I said, Big head, Big brain!!). I had a super stiff neck before I was hospitalized in 2000...and had to lean on the table with my arm and hold my head up...so much so that I damaged my ulner nerve. The docs had no idea if it would come back...but Halellujah it did! The docs are STILL amazed at how much I got back from what I had lost...including muscle atrophy, which is usually permanent. Again, Glory to God. I'll never forget the day when the head of the neuro-muscular clinic at the time said, "It has to be a miracle. There is no other explanation." And he was a bit puzzled. I just smiled.

I'm also having weak leg issues. I can't walk from the chicken coop to the house. It's crazy. I think the last treatment I had was pretty much a big ol waste of time...if anything, it made me worse because of how stressful it was!

Other stress going on too....my mom hasn't had her medication is almost 3 months and is starting to show symptoms of the acromegaly...loooong story. She was trying to get financial help as the medication is over $4000.00 a MONTH. Her CO-PAY is $2000.00 for the first month. Ug. My poor mom and dad have been working their 70 year old butts off at the greenhouse that they re-inherited because the guy they sold it to went bankrupt. Because of the heavy snow, they were crushed, all the roofs fell in...what a mess. And Larry was nice enough to leave about 800 hanging baskets with dead plants in them that have to come down in order for the hoop houses to be sold. Nice. Thanks, Lar.

There have been issues with my brother in California...he and his family were all here about 2 years ago, and before that it was my wedding in 2001, and that was just my brother and the oldest 2 kids. It was SO important to my mom that he come, and my sisters had pretty much written him off, thinking he had written US off, so of course I got out my mouth and sent him an e-mail...in my completely diplomatic, tactful, non-direct way. (Yes, I know....you can take your boots off now, I"ll stop.) Made for some bad feelings for a little while, but he IS coming for 10 days, and I know darn well he wouldn't be if I hadn't said anything. So if I have to be the sacrificial lamb for the happiness of my mom, so be it. I'll get over it.

So. Hope you're all doing better than I am! We go to Ann Arbor this Friday...(oh, and we brought the car back to the transmission shop for the THIRD time...it's still leaking). Any prayers you offer are much appreciated!


Leigh @ intentslife said...

Hey - I'm asking the Lord to keep the miracles coming for you and your family.

Love you bunches,

Ginny said...

Kerri girl, I really admire you. You are such a trouper through your illness and difficulties.
I too pray God will send you more miracles, as he has done in the past. Just look at that precious little face of Jacob.

Love you.