Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My 100th Post!

Wow...100 posts. It took a while, but I got here! I could try to do the "100 things" like Joanna did....but I'd be here all day. Just know I'm thankful for this outlet, I'm thankful for my friends who read it and comment on it, who encourage me, and pray for me. I could not make it without you!

I'd like to tell you about my friend Mary. She is an amazing woman. I went to college with her, and have recently re-connected with her on facebook. Mary was an education major, like me. She was, I think, a year ahead of me. She has always been a beautiful, shining example of God's love...

I can't remember if it was my freshman or sophomore year. Mary was riding in a car with a friend and got into a horrible accident. I don't even know the details. All I know is that she nearly died. She was in the hospital for a long time, and had head injuries, and was paralyzed for some time. I remember the first time I saw Mary walking through the cafeteria with her walker. I though, WHOA. There is a strong person. She had to work to get her speech back, and to walk on her own. I don't know all the details; we became closer friends the following year when we had classes together.

Mary graduated from college with a teaching degree. I see her on facebook, and she is always praising God, and has an amazing attitude. She is TRULY the most positive person I know. She is such an inspiration. I asked her the other day if she EVER gets grumpy. And she said, yes, but I quickly adjust my attitude. Life is too short and can change in an instant. I don't have time to be a "grump-butt."

So I have learned much from Mary. Most importantly, praise God every chance you get. She, like Mary the sister of Martha, chooses each day what is better....to sit at the feet of Jesus.

Live every moment, every day, like it was your last.

Enjoy your loved ones.

And of course, don't be a grump-butt! (I am working on that one!!)

God bless ya, Mary!

And here's one of my own:

Always take time to smell the roses!


Leigh @ intentslife said...

What an awesome testimony about your friend and the power of the Lord Jesus to sustain us through anything.

Love the picture of Jacob - what a sweetie.

Ginny said...

Kerri, I think YOU are a very strong person too. I admire your courage and attitude.

Kerri said...

: ) Thanks, Ginny.

I should have put another pic of Jacob with the flowers...the "boy" one where he take the branch and starts beating it on his wheelbarrow! But I thought I'd let everyone see his angelic side first!

Joanna said...

It was way too much work to do 100 things. I like this better!