Thursday, May 21, 2009

I know I cannot get through this day without the Lord. Ooh do I need strength today. Jacob didn't get to bed til 11:00 last night! Daddy took him to Grandpa and Grandma's house in Wayland, and I went out with Joanna (hallelujah for that!) Doug and Jacob didn't get HOME until after 9:30. Ug. Then of course he still needed a bath, and Doug had chores to do, and then American Idol was already DONE but we still had to see who won...I wanted to just fast forward, but of course we couldn't, because then we'd miss something and I was like, back up! Back up! (Oh, and by the way, KISS needs to disband and go to old folks' homes or something. Doug said the reminded him of the Doodlebops. I said, from hell maybe!)

So Jacob's feet hit the floor running this morning...and he's a liiiiiitle crabby. He wants to go play outside and I can barely walk. It's gonna be a looooong day. Doug's in Grand Rapids taking his Class A test for work, and our car is still in the shop. Nothing like feeling trapped.

My MG is NOT cooperating at all. I'm not sure what the deal treatment Friday seems to have been a complete waste of time, in fact, if anything, I'm WORSE than I was before it. My legs are so weak that I can't walk from the chicken coop to the house without stopping. It's like I start walking, and halfway there I have to stop because it's like the muscles just stop working. They get weak and shaky, and if I didn't stop, I'd probably fall down.

Last night at McDonalds with Joanna we got ice cream. I was already getting really tired, and just starting to have some trouble speakly clearly. The ice cream did NOT help. We were cracking up because I sounded likeI was three sheets to the wind. I was like, can you imagine if I was driving and got pulled over? The cop would think I was drunker than a skunk. So then we proceeded to discuss how I could do a breathalizer since I breathe through my trach, and can't blow out my mouth.....I know...we digress.....

I literally have a card in my purse saying, "I am not drunk, I have myasthenia gravis." And it goes on to list the symptoms. Joanna wondered how many shady characters might want to get their hands on a card like that! : ) It was pretty funny though, I could barely talk, and for some reason it struck us both right on the funny bone....people stared a bit...but whatever. It was hilarious. seems like I'm stalling out in the "making progress" category with the MG. Prayers, as always, are deeply appreciated. Heat doesn't help, stress doesn't help, allergies don't help... But we WILL get through this!!!! Thank you for your love and support!!!

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Joanna said...

Leave it to me to laugh at your expense! :}

9:30??? Dude!