Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Joy of Ann Arbor

Well the good news is that the car made it to Ann Arbor. The kinda bad news is that it's still leaking a little transmission fluid. The really bad news is that the treatment was awful and took forever.

Normally it takes about an hour and 15 minutes. Yesterday it was almost 3 hours. Try laying perfectly still with your arms outstretched, thick-as-fork-tong-metal needles in each arm, nerve pain from previous attempt at vein-finding, and not being able to speak. Yah. Panic waiting to happen.

First of all we have to take a detour around the detour for I-94. We saw last minute before going out the door that the detour was just a nightmare, and being were being delayed hours not minutes. So we pulled out Ye Olde Michigan map, and found our own way. So instead of getting to the U of M around 12:30, it was closer to 1:00 (my actualy appointment time). Then there were only 2 lanes of the parking tower open, and some of the levels were closed. Drove forever to find a spot.

Then the needle issues...just not a stellar day in pheresis land. And it was again, one of the most experienced nurses. She thinks that the vein they usually use in my right arm has a scar tissue bubble in it, and if we leave it alone for a while it might dissolve and we can use that one again. In the meantime they have to try my hand (which blew this time) or a different vein with another metal needle...guess it doesn't matter much to me...whatever. Now my whole body is in pain from being tense yesterday, and it hurts everywhere. And just thing, I to have this done every 2-3 weeks for the rest of my life! And Doug is in a crabby mood and out building the chicken coop. Hope he doesn't hurt his back again or we're going to have to enter the old folks home.

I think I'm just going to feed Jacob and go back to bed.

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Ashley said...

I'm so sorry! Three hours? Yikes!