Thursday, July 8, 2010

Never A Dull Moment

Well, there truly is never a dull moment around here. Me with the MG, the weather, one dog (Molly) still has half her back shaved from the horrible allergic reaction she had, (the fur is finally growing back, but she still looks ridiculous and it's been almost a month). Blackie with his broken hips and pelvis, now Jacob. Calgon, take me away!!

Yesterday, Jacob was running through the sprinkler, and fell. Hard. All on his little left arm. Auntie Shawn called to tell me, and ask if she would give him Tylenol...which of course she did. She said he wasn't using it much, and I thought maybe he was just milking it a little...he CAN be a little dramatic...and, no, I have NO idea where he gets it from! {batting eyelashes}

So he gets home, and he's really NOT using it much. He can't bend the elbow all the way, and doesn't bear any weight on it. Ug. So we take him to the walk in clinic (only open from 5-6 PM, then it would have been the ER)...the doc. was AMAZING! Jacob hates doctors. He was fussing and fussing about going...once she came in she talked right to him, and told him about all her animals at home, and he was a goner.

She did want an X-ray though, so we ended up having to go through emergency to register for that. Hopefully we won't get charged an office call AND an ER visit. (I know, I know...I said HOPE). Jacob was SUCH a big boy getting x-rayed. He only cried a little, and that's because he didn't want that vest thingy on. I had to stay outside because they only let one parent in, and I knew if he had to be held down I couldn't do it (physically OR emotionally!!) so Daddy went in.

Because the office isn't open until 9AM, we have to wait til then to get the results. She didn't THINK it was broken, but there IS a possibility of a small fracture on the back of the elbow. We shall see. He slept well last night (for the most part)...but woke up at 6 saying, "Mom, I'm starf-in!" (Starving, which he is not, trust me!)

SO.....I will post an update as soon as I know what's up. Thanks for any prayers offered on our behalf!



Punken said...

you just can't catch a break...I hope the little man is feeling better soon!

Karen Mortensen said...

Wow. What a mess. Hope he is okay. Poor guy. Give him a hug for me.