Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What a Mess!

So we went to the vet the other day to have Molly and Blackie checked out. Molly had some HORRIBLE reaction to the tick medicine we gave her. She had to have her back shaved, and it's still growing back. She's had a full course of antibiotics, and been on 3 different spray medicines, and it's not gone yet. So we took her back, and they gave us MORE antibiotics and yet another spray. Molly is my BABY. We have had her for nine years. She was my first "child." This picture breaks. my. heart.
Then you have Blackie, still recovering from being steamrolled by Doug's truck. Total accident, of course, but we felt horrible. He's doing REALLY well..I mean, it's getting harder and harder to keep him "down." He's so much bigger than this picture already! My goodness! But he's still not walking 100% on the leg that had hip surgery.
The one time we went to the vet I had to use my cane. The next time I had my eye patch on, and of course I always have the trach.

So this time, we also have Jacob, in a cast. I'm thinking, what the h#ll must these people be thinking? What a mess!!! Here we all come traipsing into the office: Molly's still half shaved, Blackie's still limping, Jacob had just woken up so he was being ridiculously whiny, I had double vision but I didn't have my eye patch so I'm winking at the whole world, I was like, Gosh, I hope they don't call family services or nominate me for parent of the year award or anything. Good grief.
We honestly are normal, happy-go-lucky (usually), animal-loving, dote-on-our-child-and-love-him-with-all-our-hearts people!! I told the vet at least none on this happened on my watch!
We must have looked a sight! I swear, my middle name is neither "grace" nor "accident-waiting-to-happen!"


Heidi Walker said...

Ouch! Boo boos galore!

Karin said...

Oh, my I can relate! Always bruises, casts & stitches, but always on me...I often wondered what people thought. But then, I decided it didn't matter. :) WE know you're full of love!

Karen Mortensen said...

Hang in there Kerri. Soon you all will be on the mend. No pun intended. Ha ha.

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Oh dear! At least everyone has medical devices, cast, eye patch, cane, stitches, etc., so it shows you keep getting medical attention for all the owies!

Here's to not having any new ones for a while!

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy

Jenxr77 said...

Oh my goodness, your post could be a sitcom script. Not funny in real life but hilarious as fiction. I am so happy Blackie is doing better ,I hope Jacob is able to get his cast removed soon. John broke his arm twice in two years so I hear you on worrying about family services:) Hugs,

MommyToTwoBoys said...

That is one rough couple of days. I hope everyone is doing better.