Friday, July 23, 2010

Ya Win Some, Ya Lose Some

I am supposed to be in Ann Arbor right now, at this very moment running on the plasmapheresis thingamadoodle. (I'm sure it has a much more formal scientific name, but whatever).

However, our car died. The transmission is slipping, leaking, and doing whatever bad things a transmission can (but isn't supposed to) do. Bad transmission! Oh, oh, oh!

So we are out car shopping. We were hoping it would last through the winter, but such luck. So....not really what I was going to post about but...we're at Doug's work right now; he had to help Mr. Tim with something, and then we're going back to look at the first one we looked at... I will soon be a minivan driving mom. NO soccer though.

I will also have to post about my early 10th wedding anniversary present....a new front load washer and dryer! Jacob was fascinated! I've got some really cute pictures to post, but they are on my computer at home (which wasn't working yesterday!)

Then last night we had to run into the basement because we missed a tornado hitting us by "this" much. Okay, maybe a little more than THAT, but it was headed for right over our house. Ug. Sometimes street level radar is not such a good thing!!! Panic attack city! I was so shaky and hyperventilated. Jacob was like, Why are we down here Mom? I said so we can be safe from the storm. I told him not to worry because God would keep us safe. He said, "God and Jesus?" Yes, God and Jesus.

Then he says, "It's safe down here because there aren't any windows." I'm like, that's right! How did you know that?

He looks at me like I'm crazy: "Because I have a big ol' brain mom!"

Yes, he does!


Joanna said...

Could just tickle that smart big ol' brain of his.
Wondered how you handled the storms. Crazy!

Young Wife said...

Glad your safe! Sorry about the car. That stinks!