Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite New Pieces

6 1/4"-6 1/2" Chunky green apple bracelet $10.00

7 3/4" MG Awareness Bracelet with Czech crystals, hope ribbon charm, snowflake charm and magnet closure $15.00
Made from all Swarovski crystals and Czech Preciosa, this 7 1/2- 7 3/4" bracelet is sparkly and gorgeous! $25.00

Multi-media purple and green bracelet featuring malachite 71/2-7 3/4" $15.00
Three large apricot mother of pearl stones highlighted with other natural gemstones. 7 1/4" $12.00

Blue glass beaded bracelet featuring chalk turquoise and Czech Preciosa crystals. 7 1/4" $10.00
I'm still plugging away at making jewelry in between medical appointments!  Geez.  Busy.  But it mellows me out, believe it or not.  As always, ten percent of everything I sell goes to the Great Lakes Chapter of the MGFA.

Tomorrow I have my last (hopefully) plasmapheresis with needles.  Getting a port, hoping that will make things easier all the way around. 

So what did you do this weekend?

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Patty Ann said...

Kerri, you just keep getting better and better! I love the chunky apple one. It is beautiful.