Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Whirlwind and Updates

Sunday was my grumpy-I'm-lonely-feel-sorry-for-me-pity-party-day so I didn't post.  I'm over myself a bit now, and yesterday was just insanely busy, so here I am.  FINALLY.

OH my goodness.  I'm still tired from yesterday.  I ran a billion errands (give or take a million) and ended up at Wal-Mart returning 100, yes, one hundred, bottles and cans.  I thought my arms were going to fall off.  And that was at the BEGINNING of the shopping.  I actually had to ask for someone to take my cart out to the van and load it up.  And a very precious man named David did just that.  What a sweetheart.  Especially after the cashier from hell.  But that's another post.

Anywho.  I got home at like almost 3, stared hauling stuff in and putting stuff away, and it was almost 5 before I was totally done.  My arms are killing me from carrying all the bags.  I HAVE to learn to settle down! I always do way too much....but after you've felt like crap for SO LONG...I mean, last year at this time I could not even drive my van.  I was too weak to keep it on the road.  Unreal.

So today I'm filling jewelry orders (YAY!!) and tomorrow my sister is coming over to make jewelry!  How cool!

More good news:  my nephew Daniel is home safe and sound from Iraq...3rd tour I think?  He is back with his wife (my niece Jessica) and baby girl in Kansas!  YAY!

And finally, my dad is having surgery November 1 to remove the portion of his lung that has the cancer in it.  Please keep him and my mom and family in your prayers.  My dad is not in great health, but his surgeon said he is a candidate for the surgery.  I talked a little bit about this with my pulmonologist when I had my appointment and he said surgery is THE only option if you want to be cured.  AND that finding adenocarcinoma at Stage one is like winning the lottery.  SO.  His surgeon is the best in the state, country, maybe, I know 2 people who HIGHLY recommend him.  Please pray specifically against infection after the surgery.  Please remember also to NOT comment on facebook, but on my blog about my dad.  


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Patty Ann said...

Got it Kerri!! I am hoping that all goes well for him. It can be a pretty rough surgery, but so many people don't find it until it is too late. I am also glad that you are having a couple of good days!! We all need those once in a while. They are like a breath of fresh wind!