Thursday, December 29, 2011

More Random Letters

Dear Lady Cashier at Rite Aid,

When I present you with a coupon for an item I am purchasing, please just take care of it.  The coupon was for a FREE product.  You do not need to ask WHY I get it free.  I have a coupon, and it says FREE.  What part do we not understand??

A Bit Taken Aback at Your Rudeness

Dear Comcast Cable Website,

If you aren't able to do what your website says you can do, don't put it on your website!
I mean, really.  If YOU send ME a letter asking me if I want to finish my transaction, and I go to your website, I expect to be able to finish my transaction.  I do NOT expect you to take the offer off the table and change all the prices.  Something that should have been very simple took many hours, many phone calls, and much irritation on my part.

Very Glad I'M Not Your Customer

Dear Husband,

Please stop telling our child to do ridiculous things like stick carrots up his nose to soften them.  He actually listens to you, believe it or not.  Oh, and while we're at it, PLEASE stop undoing the hours and hours I spend disciplining our child by laughing at his inappropriate comments, and giving into him when he begs and whines after I'VE said "no" 17 times.

Thanks honey.  Love ya.

Dear Self,

You REALLY need to stop saying "dammit."  It doesn't sound nearly as charming coming out of your 5 year old's mouth.



Rachel said...

I didn't know you could soften carrots by sticking them up your nose...I might have to give it a try!!!!

Rachel said...
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Patty Ann said...

Love it Kerri!! One thing that works on the swearing is to put a dollar in the jar for every word that you say. When you save enough money, you all go out to ice cream. The boys will be "happy" to help remind you when you need to put a dollar in the jar!! ;-) No, I am not kidding. I stopped swearing last year, and it did not take me long at all!!!!