Monday, December 5, 2011

What's Up

The sky.


Hot air balloons.

No seriously...I am THRILLED to report that things over here are fairly uneventful!  Except of course, for the slaying of the beef. Doug put down one of the beef cattle Friday, and basically butchered 1300 or something pounds of cow.  By hand.  All boneless meat.  He's amazing.  Crazy, but amazing.  It's like there's nothing he can't do.  And Jacob was right there by his side.

I'm like, "Don't you want to stay inside with Mommy for a while?"
Jacob: "Mom, I've got work to do."
Me:  "Really?  Like what?"
Jacob: "I have to help Daddy make meat pasta." (Apparently Doug had told Jacob that he was making meat spaghetti when he put it in the grinder to make hamburger.)

Later when he came in for a snack, this was our conversation:

Jacob says, "Mom, I asked Dad why he has to work all the time.  Do you know why dad has to work all the time?"
Me:  "Why?"
Jacob:  "Because he has hasp-ibili-ties."
Me: "He has responsibilities?"
Jacob: "Yup.  So I told him he should just be more like me and play all the time."

Hmm....I think there's a life lesson in there somewhere....


Rachel said...

Has Chuck "bought the farm"?
Great to hear it was an uneventful day...I just LOVE your little man!!

The Jammie Girl said...

I am so in need of your advice! My dad is raising beef cattle, and I want to buy a half or quarter (kinda short on freezer space), but have no idea what cuts to request, what should be just made into hamburger . . . in other words, what's the best/most delicious and frugal use of that meat? I'd love to read a post on this, and if you don't want to do it on your blog I'd love to invite you or your hubby to guest post on mine! I think people are moving toward wanting to know more about where their animal protein comes from than the name of the grocery!

Patty Ann said...

Oh, I love it!! The boy is a genius. More of us need to take that just a little bit to heart!!

Donna Perugini said...

Your son is quite the thinker! That's such a great conversation you had with him. What a cutie! Makes you want to keep them little for a while longer.