Thursday, December 22, 2011

Writer's Workshop

 Time to hook up with MamaKat and her pretty much world famous writer's workshop.  This week I chose the prompt "You know you're a mother when...."

10.  You can't walk through a room without stepping on a plastic soldier, animal, or bendaroo.

9.    You do the lick-your-thumb-and-wipe-your-child's-mouth thing that your mom did to you and you SWORE you'd never do to YOUR children.

8.   Your heart can melt and break at the same time.

7.    You know that silence means TROUBLE.

6.    You give up pretty much all normal existence to live out in the middle of BFE so your son can have room to run with his dogs, cows to grow for meat, ducks to watch waddle, chickens to lay eggs, a bunny to, well, have a bunny, a pond for tadpole catching, and acres and acres to explore.

5.    One little human being can overpower you with a look, a smile, or a tear.

4.    You get up in the middle of the night because out of the 1,342 stuffed animals your child has, he can't sleep without the ONE that's been missing for 3 months.

3.    Your favorite words are "Mommy, can I cuddle?"

2.    You can't even remember what your life was like before you had your son.

1.    And THE number one reason you know you're a mother is when you would rather catch puke in your hands than clean it off the floor, bedding, and/or your child.  


Margaret said...

These are all so true! I love it.

Angelia Sims Hardy said...

Oh my gosh! Soooo true!!! Especially the silent thing. That one will strike fear in any parents heart. What are they doing???? :-)

Ixy said...

You're not kidding silence means trouble!! The last time the room went quiet was because my darling daughter had managed to open the club pack of diaper wipes, and was happily toilet papering the living room with them. Just when you think it's safe to leave the room for a minute to use the washroom!

Maria The Mum said...

Read you post at Mama Kat's...what a great list! Was up at 2am looking for Puppy Jack because someone could not get to sleep without him....! But where has he been for the past month? In the toy box in the basement!

Trace-n-the-Grace said...

Nice list, Kerri, although the last one was kinda gross....:-)

Cindy in NC said...

Ah ' hit the nail on the head...again!

Patty Ann said...

Kerri, this list is the best!! I love it and it is all so true! (Well, maybe not the toy soldiers parts, in our house it is littlest pet shops and barbies!)