Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life Just Keeps Going

Have you ever noticed that life has a way of just....going on, no matter what?  That there are what, billions of people on this planet, who live their lives every day, some happy, some sad, some sick, some experiencing trauma, pain, death.

And life marches along.

A mother loses her child.  The world continues to turn.

Someone loses their best friend, sister, really, to cancer.  People keep going to work, children go to school, people carry on.

A newleywed gets a diagnosis:  life-long, chronic, debilitating illness.  And life just keeps going.

Sometimes it just doesn't seem right.  It's like I want to stop people in the street and shake them and MAKE them understand the depth of my pain!  Why can't they get it?  How can they just soldier on, like drones going off to war?

I want to go to a bar and tell the person who is about to leave and drive home, bombed off his a$$ that someone like him killed my sister when I was just 16 years old.  To tell him not to make the same mistake.  Even though life would go on.

I want to go to that person who is about to jump and beg them to just hang on for one more breath.  One more minute.   One more hour.  One.  More.

And I want to scream for all the world to hear that they can't just keep going like nothing horrible is happening to so many people I love.

And yet somehow, amidst the pain and suffering, even though parts of me rebel against this constant motion of life; it's comforting.

To know that babies will still be born, and people are still doing good, and there is kindness in the world.  That God grants us new mercies every morning.  Lord knows I need them.

Although no one is promised tomorrow, somehow it soothes me to know that joy comes in the morning.  That after the darkness, the sun will rise.  I may not be able to SEE it, but I know it will always rise.

Once more.

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Rachel said...

Yes my dear friend life does go one...
Can't imagine what it would be like if everything always stayed the same...Imagine being stuck in a bad place all the time. There are so many good things happening around us to make the bad things a bit easier to deal with (just my opinion)...Some people do change, make a difference in the lives of others, try to do the right thing...All we can try to do is the right thing and hope others follow...