Monday, January 14, 2013

Really? {Palm Slap to Forehead}

I know it's been a while since I posted.  For my few remaining readers, I humbly apologize.  Things have been a bit crazy.  Building a website is a wee bit more time consuming than I had originally  anticipated.

Anywho.  Here is yet another frustration of chronic illness:  dealing with incompetent staff and doctors.  Friday I get a phone call from my neurologist's office.  It was a young lady with a heavy eastern European accent of some kind.

Completely unwitting, probably-filling-in-for-someone-else-who-usually-makes-phone-calls, totally unaware, heavily accented assistant:  {Do your best Natasha from Boris and Natasha voice}

"Yes, this is {some unintelligible name} from Dr. Sullivan's office, may I speak to Kerri please."

Me:  "This is she."

Natasha:  "Yes, I'm calling to tell you that your labs are normal."

Me:  "What labs?"

Natasha:  "Your labs.  Your blood work.  It is all good."

Me:  "I haven't had any labs done for Dr. Sullivan.  Could this be from plasmapheresis?" {I have to get blood drawn every time they do pheresis because they check my ionized calcium and crit}

Natasha:  "Yes, your calcium and complete blood work, is all normal, okay?"

Me:  "Yes, I knew that.  I always get a copy of my blood work when I get it done.  What I DO need is a liver panel done because I'm on CellCept."

Natasha:  "They ran a complete blood work.  Everything is fine."

Me: {incredulous, voice dripping with disdain} "So you're telling me they ran a liver panel the last time I had pheresis done?"

Natasha:  "Yes, they did liver.  Everything is good, okay?"

I was like, "Yah, everything is NOT good, thanks for calling."

UN-believable.  I know dang well I didn't have a liver panel. What if I were not educated about my disease?  What if I were newly diagnosed and didn't know to question EVERYTHING?

So I called the nurse who generously gave me her direct line, and left her a message asking for an order for a liver panel because it's been a long time, and by the way, whoever called me has NO CLUE what they are talking about and maybe shouldn't be calling patients.

So this morning I get a call from a totally different woman (who had a brain).  She told me she had an order for a liver panel and wanted to confirm my mailing address.  She also said that there was a note from Dr. Sullivan saying that "this isn't really necessary because CellCept doesn't contribute to liver toxicity.  But I am mailing you the order."

I went through the roof.  I said, "I have a huge problem with that.  My previous neurologist was the HEAD of the neuromuscular department at the University of Michigan, and he tested my liver enzymes every 6 months.  I've been waiting for Dr. Sullivan to order a liver panel, but he never did, so I had to do it!  After my pregnancy, my liver levels were already elevated without even being ON CellCept, and I had to WAIT 3 days for them to go down before my doctor would even let me start taking CellCept again!"

And I proceeded to tell her about Clueless Natasha and her random, inaccurate prattle last Friday.

Needless to say, (yet I say it anyway) I am getting a new neurologist!  Preferably one who knows his {beep} from a hole in the ground!

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