Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Purely MG
My friend Jessica Yasin started this amazing non-profit just months after her precious little girl, Safa Leila, just 6 years old (the same age as Jacob) died from MG crisis.  This. Should. NEVER. Happen.

It's not like Safa didn't have a diagnosis.  She did.  Everyone knew she had MG.  And yet she was hospitalized, went into a crisis (respiratory failure, extreme weakness) and died.  I cannot tell you how my heart broke for her.

But instead of curl up in a ball and cry the rest of her life away (like I probably would have done), she got to work, setting up a foundation to raise money for MG Awareness.  Purely MG can be found on facebook by clicking here. 

I would LOVE it if you would go to the page and "like" it.  We want to do everything we can to raise awareness, and to raise money for MG research.  Research for a cure.

Because of my issues with the MGFA's financial actions, I was contributing 10% of all of my proceeds directly to MG patients in need.  Well, now I have the perfect place to donate to.  So, from now on, 10% of all of the proceeds from my jewelry (not just MG jewelry, all of it) will go to Purely MG.

You can check out my new site at

I am still adding product, and will be for a while, but there's quite a bit to look at right now.  Thank you for your support, and thank you in advance for checking out Purely MG on facebook.

Together, we CAN find a cure.

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