Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mini "Vacation"

I'm not sure for whom it was a vacation, except of course, Jacob.  He got to play and swim and get spoiled just like he always does.  And Mom got to do....well....not much.

It WAS wonderful just to get out of the house, but when you're in a hotel room with your child for hours at a time, you CAN'T tell him to go to his room or whatever.  While Doug was taking classes I had to find ways to entertain Jacob.

Thursday a friend of mind from college met us at our hotel, and we went for lunch, then she came back to the hotel room and we just talked.  Jacob was pretty good while we did...he played for a while and then I think I put a show on for him.  But it knocked me right out.  I was physically and emotionally drained.

I guess what I was most disappointed with, in reality, was my ability (or lack thereof) to do things on my own without Doug.  Taking Jacob out for lunch.  Taking him by him and myself for breakfast in the hotel...He wanted to go to the pool.  I wasn't comfortable taking him because I can't dive in if something happens.

Plus I realized how hideous some other people 's children can be!  This one brat kept throwing the beach ball I just bought Jacob into the deep end, and the brats in the deep end wouldn't give it back. So I yelled at them.  Then this other brat pushed Jacob's head down under water, and then had the audacity to come out and tell his "mommy" that Jacob was "getting" him.  I pulled Jacob out of the water and asked him if he physically touched the kid (they were playing "shark" and I wasn't sure of the official rulers, ya know...)  He said no, he was just swimming after him. 

So I told brat #2 to stop touching my kid's head.  He did.  Then I had to tell brat #1 to stop throwing the ball into the deep end. I'd been down there for like 10 minutes and I was already popping a cork.   I was seriously ready to throw down with these minute punks.  They'd be sorry they messed with MY boy.

Anyway.   Needless to say, IF Doug has an opportunity like this again and IF I get to go as well, JACOB will NOT be going.  'Nuff said.

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Rachel said...

There's nothing like "grown up" time. It's nice to get away and be alone every now & then! Perhaps your parents or someone could keep Jacob for a few days if the chance comes up again...Better yet maybe you can schedule some "grown up" time ;)