Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Hubby ROCKS!

Okay, so my birthday wasn't the greatest...MOST of the day.  I didn't feel good, I had to get a chest x-ray (how fun!)...just what every girl wants for her birthday, right?  I wanted to stop at a bakery and just get a little cake for my birthday because I didn't feel like making my own birthday cake. Doug said nothing was open.  I was like, whatever.

Well.  After we got home, Doug and Jacob made me a cake.
And it was perfect.  It was super moist chocolate cake, and he used the peppermint frosting I had gotten on clearance at Christmas.  He hates peppermint. : )  He made little cake pops for himself and Jacob without the peppermint, although Jacob DOES likes the peppermint.
I mean, LOOK at that face.  (He's trying to cover up the "bite" I had taken before I got my camera!)  They were so proud. Jacob wanted to make the heart shape, and they decorated it with snowmen and snowflakes.  And the icing says "Happy" on the top left, "Birth" on the top right, and "Day" at the bottom.  Then the middle says "Love U Mom"... see the U under the heart?  I didn't see it right away, but how precious!

And for dinner, he made me home-grown sirloin steak and snowcrab legs.  He said they just jumped in the cart at the store...Snow crab is the only crab I like... And I LOVE it!  PLUS he made his famous twice-baked potatoes.

And this weekend he's been cleaning the pantry.  He knows it's been driving me crazy, but I can't move everything.  My arms give out.  It's looking AMAZING.  It's absolutely wonderful.

No one is perfect, but MY HUBBY is perfect for ME.

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Debbie said...

Wonderful post! I am so glad you were able to have a happy time in the midst of struggles. (((hugs)))