Thursday, August 12, 2010

Checking In

So it's day 3 away from Jacob, and I'm doing okay. I'm actually a little bummed that I didn't have more time to myself. I am getting my haircut in an hour. The "shocking violet" turned out to be puke baby blue, so Doug went over part of it with some other purple we KNEW was purple (so now it's DARK blue); and added a streak of magenta.... good grief. I look like flippin' Rainbow Brite. I'm kind of getting used to it, but the only thing I really like is the magenta. So I'm going to get it layered, and see if it looks better.....I don't think they have time to color it...but Doug does fine. It would look freakin' awesome if the color had been PURPLE like it was supposed to be! UG!

Anyway. These conferences are something else. Lots of eating. Most of it is buffet style. The first night they had all these different lines of buffets: Italian, American, Asian. My heavens! And everything's paid for, plus you get drink tickets for whatever kind of beverage...pop, wine, beer, whatever.

Then LAST night we didn't have a conference dinner to go to but we got invited to a private party (talk about hoity-toity!) with an open bar, and a 3 course meal. Ya know, I enjoyed it, but I would have enjoyed it more 15 years ago. I was in the business world, and I could smooze with the best of them. I was in the game back then...the management game. I'm not quite the socialite I used to be, what with the trach, the MG, double vision, the farm life I have grown accustomed to, oh, yes, and a MORAL CONSCIENCE.

These two guys joined our table a little late (drunk and drunker), and you could tell they were already WELL on their way to a drunken stupor. Later on, after we spent a little time on the slots (Doug won $60.00) we were heading back to our room through the smoke-hazed halls, and drunk #2 was soaking wet and screaminng at the time of his lungs "Hey, Fat Jesus!" I have NO idea who he was talking to, because we could hear him waaaay before we could see him, and it's like he was looking at someone (maybe that only he could see??). Even his "friends" seemed mortified.

It had poured down rain to the point of having about a 2 foot pond in the front of the hotel where you walk in. I don't know if he had gone swimming, or just outside. He was just yelling and screaming. Not something you usually hear in a place like this, even in the casino part! Every person we passed was trying to take a glimpse of the debacle, and I was like, it's just a drunk guy. A really, really drunk guy who should have been asked to leave.

As we passed the main desk they were sending some young girl to check it out. Not the best call in my opinion. I saw the dude this morning in his "grown-up" clothes and wanted to run up to him and ask him how he felt. I had the whole scenario playing in my mind about "don't you remember me?" But I would NEVER do anything to embarrass my husband. Unless he gave me permission! : )

Doug and I shared breakfast this morning from room service, and we're on our own for lunch. Then tonight is the formal dinner... Then tomorrow we go home already! It's gone SO fast! I've been working on sevral posts for my other blog...I'm trying to get the thoughts racing through my head into logical bear with me. Hope you check it out! It's at Is God A Politician?


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CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Sounds like you are having a fabulous time! I think I would have HAD to ask the guy how he felt. Are we going to get to see any pictures of the multicolored hair? I think it sounds cool!

Cheers :-)
- CoconutPalmDesigns