Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello from the Soaring Eagle

So here I am, on the 7th floor of the Soaring Eagle Casino Hotel. Nice view, even if it is only the parking lot. Doug has a conference here, and I got to come along for the ride. Yay me!

So we got someone to house sit and take care of our animals (cow, chickens, rabbits, turkeys and dogs), and Jacob went to Auntie Shawn's. I told him I was going to miss him, and he said, "I'll miss you too, Mommy, but I can still love you from far away. My heart can do that, ya know."
Okay, thought I was going to melt!

Anyway. I just finished my hand-delivered breakfast complete with omelet, hashbrowns, toast, coffee...oh, yeah and it was $17.00!!! Oh.My.Flippin.Word!! Included gratuity and some other tax, but still. DANG! Oh well, like THAT will ever happen again...might as well take advantage of it!

I'm going to see about getting my hair done or something this afternoon while Doug has more meetings.

The only really crappy thing is that the whole building is NOT smoke free (because it's a casino and they'd lose money) so every time I go to or even walk by the casino, I can hardly breathe. I've been breaking even on the slots...that's all I'll play...most bang for your buck. Smaller winnings, but smaller losses as well!

The MG has been kind of a the end of the day yesterday I had pretty bad double vision, and my legs were super weak. I really should have a wheelchair or electric cart for long walks with ups and downs like this's probably about 1/4 mile from the room to where Doug has his meetings and where our dinners are. And you have to go past the casino, which us all open, so there's no avoiding the smoke. I have my cane, which helps with steps and balancde, but it doesn't really help my legs NOT getting weak.

Oh well...two more full days of pampering, then it's back to reality. I miss my Jacob, but it's WONDERFUL to ony be responsible for ME for a couple of days!

More later!
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Sarah Beth said...

Ooh, glad you get to stay in a fun place - I love nice hotels! And what a cute thing for your little man to say - so sweet!!

CoconutPalmDesigns said...

Ohhhh...... Jacob's comment has me melting too! Enjoy your pampering. That sucks about the smoke. I hope it doesn't bother you too much so that it gets in the way of your fun.

Cheers :-)
- Rainforest Mommy